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Host Recommendations


I have a guest arriving this weekend who has four 5-star reviews, but only 2 recommendations. She has had 2 recent stays, both 5-star and both recommended. Her 2 stays in 2016 both have 5-star reviews, but no recommendation. I’m curious if this is due to the recommendation feature’s implementation date. Comparing a few guests, it appears that reviews prior to August 2016 do not have recommendations. Does anyone know for sure?


I can’t recall if that was a later addition. I’ve seen many guests with a discrepancy between the number of reviews and the number of hosts recommending. One explanation is when a guest has stayed with a host more than once. I had a recent guest with 5 reviews and 2 hosts recommending. I was alarmed until I saw 4 reviews from the same local host.


Are you running an fbi background check for future guests?


Where are you seeing the number of recommendations vice reviews? I have only seen the number of stars overall with no idea how many of their reviews were 5 and how many were less.


On their profile. I think you can see stuff on the app that you can’t see on the web version. Here’s an example I’ve used before.


This looks like it is on the chrome website with the AirReview on. I tried that and got no views of number of recommendations, even for Guests with double digits positive reviews and 5 star overall and subcategory stars. Hmmm…I don’t even see a way to get anything even close to that on the app. I’ll have to do some more research I guess.


I haven’t got it either, I have tried app and laptop


Thanks for the replies.

I see the reviews and recommendations if I go to the inbox (using a browser, not the app) and select a guest. Then scroll to the bottom (at least on the mobile browser) to the ‘About the guest’ section.

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