Host Recommendations on Expense Tracking Tools

I’m just wrapping up my first year as an AirBnb host. I’ve just compiled my receipts in preparation for taxes; and I have over 100 (Yikes!!). These don’t include the easy ones like insurance, utilities etc.

I’m wondering what tools other hosts are using and why. We are PC users with Apple iOS phones.


We keep track of all our income and expenses in Microsoft Money. Been doing it since 1999, way before Airbnb.

Thank you for your reply RomeoRetreat. What about the hard copy expense receipts; does money have a way to track or link them to a scanned image? Thxs.

I’ve used Quickbooks for years. It’s very intuitive, easy to use and most accountants can take your backup and work with it. I have friends who use and swear by the on line version…mine’s locally installed.

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