Host recommendation as booking requirement

Hello, following a bad experience last Summer I amended the booking conditions to only allow bookings by people who have a Host recommendation. All others have to send an enquiry.

So my question is: if a guest has 4 reviews from hosts, 3 of which recomnend him but one doesn‘t - does the system consider him as not recommended?

I don’t see how “The System” can parse a “bad” recommendation from a “good” recommendation. It can distinguish the presence of a recommendation versus no recommendation, but that’s about it.

Ken, maybe I used the wrong terminology. When you provide feedback on a guest the last thing it asks you is if you would recommend the guest to other hosts. I assume it‘s this data that is being looked at when you set the booking requirements to ‚recommended by other hosts‘. My question is how the system processes multiple reviews. Will the condition be met even if the guest has mixed recommendations?

If the guest has mixed recommendations then they will be able to book with you, however you will be able to cancel without penalty.

I’ve told the story here multiple times of the guest who instant booked with me at 6 am for arrival that day. I heard/saw the booking come through on the app and that she only had 4 stars overall. I got out of bed and came to my computer to check on her further. She had multiple bad reviews, multiple okay ones too, 16 in total. I canceled her reservation within an hour of her making it. She went on to stay in multiple places in my town, moved to CA and had over 40 reviews last I looked about 1/3 had a complaint, about a quarter seemingly gave a thumbs down.