Host Rating - is there a threshhold to reach for 5 stars?

Can someone please help me understand if there’s a threshhold hosts need to meet before their overall host rating goes up? We’ve had 268 5-star ratings and four 4-star ratings in the last 365 days and our overall rating remains 4.97. I’m pretty sure it was 5.0 the previous year. Do four 4-stars really have that big of an effect? Or is there a magical threshhold that has to be reached for the overall score to go up again?

No, it’s straightforward math.

268 x 5*= 1340
4 x 4* = 16

1340 + 16 = 1356

1356÷ 272 (# of reviews) = 4.98

Not sure why yours is showing 4.97 though, unless you counted up the number of reviews at each star level wrong, though.

Also, I think the overall rating that shows on your listing is for all the ratings you have ever gotten. (Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that).
The past 365 days is what is counted for Superhost criteria.

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