Host Preview Event: Policy Update, July 19th

I have been invited to this. Any ideas on what is happening??

Host Preview Event:

Policy Update

*Exclusive webinar only for valued partners in Airbnb’s Host Community. *

Airbnb is making a change to one of its policies and as a trusted leader within our Host Community we’d like to brief you on this change before we share it more broadly. This policy relates to Booking Cancellations.

Please join us on July 19th to preview this change. We will be offering two live sessions to make sure Hosts around the world, no matter the time zone, have the opportunity to join.

*This session will provide a unique opportunity to learn about this policy before it’s shared with all Hosts. We are looking forward to sharing this update and to answering your questions. *

Please click on Register below the time that works best for your schedule to sign up.

Who did the invitation come from?

How purposefully mysterious a communication. Please participate and let us know if this policy change is a positive one for hosts, or yet another guest-pandering kick in the teeth.


AirBnB events. What’s more, with my RSVP I learned the meeting in confidential and I’m not allowed to discuss anything about it. And recordings will not be made available.

I agreed not to share. But if during the meeting they disclose something that can be shared, then I will share that.

I’m thinking it’s a way of forming a focus group to help evaluate a proposed policy change.

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I went to book a hotel last week and every one was non refundable for the lowest price. It was the default option. That option has been around but not as uniformly as I saw last week…it was as if a light switch was flipped and all the hotels adopted that policy.

Ever since that, I’ve been wondering why am I offering the most flexible cancellation. It’s been on my mind because I had three cancellations this month. I got rebooked, but still. If the “average” experience is now non–refundable unless you pay “extra” that’s something I wonder might be an angle of the changes. As far as I know, that structure doesn’t exist on Air (book now for the lower price and non refundable) or choose refundable at a higher price.

Since Air is offering travel insurance, it wouldn’t be a horrible guest experience, and would IMO help the hosts.

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That’s pretty outrageous. Like their so-called Host Advisory Board, which was ostensibly supposed to be a formal consultory voice representing hosts, and that is how it was promoted in the PR. That Board had to sign a NDA and are not allowed to tell other hosts what they are working on.

I find that despicable. Since when is someone who is supposedly representing you not allowed to share what, in fact, they are doing on your behalf?

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I think I’ve tried every cancellation policy ABB offers. Right now it’s the 5 day limit option.

And I don’t understand the secrecy unless they’re afraid the media will report “AirBnB now does X!” when X is not yet policy. That’s the only problem I can imagine, I must be missing something.

Maybe. Or just hosts posting all over hosting forums and social media how outraged they are by the new policy that isn’t in effect yet, or bombarding Airbnb’s Twitter feed or feedback forms with objections.

I got an invite for this but both options don’t work in terms of timings for those of us in. Europe

I’m pretty sure there is still a non-refundable lower price option for guests if you want it but I learned the hard way. that Air will still refund for extenuating circumstances.

I find this totally bizarre.

Air puts out the summer release that turned everything on its head and has made things impossible for lots of hosts.
Yes, and all secret with no warning and never an explanation as to what was going on.

Oh, and now they’re changing one policy and if you attend, it’s all hush hush. Trying to make a few people feel important by being invited.

This company is turning out to be so full of BS it’s ridiculous.

@SleepingCoyote In reading your post a little closer, I see they’ve already decided about a policy related to booking cancellations but for some reason they need to share it with some hosts first.

I suspect they’re going to make it much easier for guests to cancel and too bad for the hosts.


It’s a soft rollout. You see versions of this everywhere.

A restaurant opens to a small private group so they can fine tune processes & the menu.

A hospital pilots a new monitoring device on a unit and fine tunes training, support plan, uses and alerts before rolling out to entire hospital.

It is not final, there is potential for change (although it may not change) so to widely sharing information is inappropriate.

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Thanks for the link to the non-refundable info.

Oh yes ABB made me feel terribly important! :rofl:

I wish I could say “I’ll let you know.”

What I suspect rn is, they have a new policy they want to implement and they want to see how loudly hosts will scream once they hear what it is.

They might want to impose the two-tier pricing hotels and airlines already use: A cheaper price is you go non-refundable no matter what, and a higher price for the privilege of canceling.

But if they do that, I think a lot of guests will just book elsewhere. Especially since BTW Covid has not disappeared, an Los Angeles for one is expected to reimpose mask mandates July 31 because of the steep rise in covid cases.

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I attended the meeting and I am glad I did, because I understand more than I would have otherwise.

Watch your email for an update on what exactly is happening, and why.

Can you at least tell us if it’s something hosts would find good and helpful, or the opposite?

Conscientious hosts won’t even notice the policy change. It won’t affect me at all as a host, for instance. As a guest it’s good news.


Is about the guide to inclusive hosting? For some reason, I got an email about it this morning. But they posted about it at the end of June on the CC so it doesn’t even make sense that the email came today.

I’ve never gotten one email from Air and probably don’t need to. Never saw a sign up for them.

Here you go. How to sign up