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Host or Friend referral program for AirBnB

Need some clarification here please. It seems there are two referral AirBnB programs. One is for a friend referral where both I as the host and they as the traveller get travel credits. The specific link for this (from the dashboard) looks something like this: www.airbnb.com.au/c/clyde.

The other program is the host referral program. The referral link is different: https://www.airbnb.com.au/r/clyde?s=8&i= NOTE the “r” after the forward slash as opposed to the “c” in the above example.

From my understanding, if I refer a friend, I get a travel credit and they do as well (subject to minimum booking amount)

If I refer a host, when they host their first guest, I get a travel credit as do they. (subject to a minimum booking amount by a certain date)

Can I invite them to do both? Lets say for example, they are not AirBnB members at all. Can I sign them as as travellers, then send them the second link to become hosts?

Or, if they are already AirBnB members, can I then just send them the host link?

If you refer a host you get cash, not a travel credit. My husband got $100.00. However, from what I understand the new host must earn at least $100.00 net of the Airbnb fee for Airbnb to pay the host referral fee.

Thanks Ellen. I think because we are outside the USA, we only get travel credits rather than cash. (In Australia). Well done to your husband. Hope he is part of the “sharing” economy!

I got $150 (New Zealand dollars) cash earlier this year for referring a host…

Thanks for this info. How do Airbnb give you the cash? Do they transfer it to your bank account?

Yes, they transferred the payment to my bank account. Transfers to my bank account are my regular method of payment. I assume that they pay host referral fees to each hosts’ regular method of payment.

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