Host-only fee? Guest fee?

Newbie here.
I read that changing to a host-only fee can entice more guests.
From what I understand, it is suggested that the host adjust their price so they do not lose out on the income they would receive by charging a guest fee.
It seems the guest fee is hovering around 16% and I can’t see upping my nightly rate by that much since I already charge a good amount.

Also, please explain plainly the host fee and guest fee… am I really keeping the host fee? or is a portion of this earning going to Airbnb along with the guest fee?
Thanks for any insight!

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At the moment the host is billed 3 % and the guest is charged anything from 12 to 20%. There have Been complaints from guests as far as bill shock.
Airbnb would like us all to be like b.con and they charge us 15% and no fees for guests.

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These fees go to Airbnb (Guest and Host).

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Don’t agree to pay the whole fee yourself! AirBnB shows the nightly rate when people search, not the total of their fee plus the nightly rate. You will look more expensive and most people won’t bother to click on your listing to compare the totals.


If you have a choice (software-connected hosts in many places must use the host-only fee) I would use the split host/guest fee. That way guests can see how much Airbnb scoops. The total is basically the same to the guest either way, it’s just a marketing ploy.

It’s dumb for Airbnb to give a choice of fee structures, IMO, as it can make some listings look deceptively more or less expensive at first glance. It really should be one way or the other for the whole platform.


Personally, I like the idea. But it doesn’t seem practical unless it’s universal. There is a listing in my neighborhood that made the switch and it really does appear that it’s grossly overpriced because it is the only one that is using the host-only fee.

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I tried to be software-connected and panicked when they switched us to the host-only fee. None of our competitors use it and we’re expensive anyway, so I knew it was a problem for us. So I turned off the software connection :frowning: