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Host not responding for Monday's booking- what are my options?

I’ve tried contacting him through the platform and by texting. Radio silence. I’m going to call Airbnb in a couple of hours to see if I can get them to cancel the reservation. I could do that now, since it’s Flexible. I don’t’ want to have to pay the service fee, though. It’s the host that’s being flaky, not me.

When I go to rebook another place, can I send requests to more than one host, or do I have to wait for one to decline before I move onto the next place?

You can send multiple requests.
If you want any decent response from Airbnb, dont call…either voice problem on their Facebook page or tweet it. You will get a real response very quickly. The people at their customer service lines are useless in my experience.

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You can contact several hosts, they encourage you to do it, you will see the note. Call them and explain. They are usually very prompt to answer

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I’ve had excellent customer service, fast and thorough.

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How long as it been that you contacted your host? Not everyone responds in a few hours. Also check the hosts reviews for any mentions about communication.

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