Host kept me dangling

A couple of months back, we fancied a bit of a change, so I looked at booking a Friday night in our local town, not far from work, no commuting home, makes a nice change. It was Thursday morning, so I knew it was very last minute, I was flexible as to what kind of property (i.e., it didn’t matter if it was a 2bed place, even though we just wanted 1bed), and ready to hoover up whatever was available. Found one, not instant book, so messaged the host, she replied within 10 minutes, and asked what time I would like to book in. Her listing said between 1 and 3pm, so I said “between 1 and 3pm, but whatever suits you, as we’re local, so can turn up earlier or later, whatever is good for you”.
No reply till Thursday eve, when the host said “sorry, I can’t accommodate you tomorrow”. I suspect she was waiting for a bigger booking to come along, or was negotiating with someone else.
“no worries” I said, “perhaps I’ll try you another time, as I like the look of your property”, because I’m polite like that.
But I remain a bit frustrated…as a previous host, and about to become a host again, I’d never keep someone waiting (with a day before the booking) in the hope of securing a better/longer booking. Or am I being naive?
(I love these ‘host treated badly by another host’ threads)

You might have seen this here and there on this forum, but locals booking to stay can be a red flag. Probably that’s why she hesitated. Did you mention why you were booking to stay with her?


Me: “Hi! Just having a break in Brighton, looks like XXXX Street to me…I own a house in XXXX Street, but it’s let out, this will be a chance for me to pretend I live in The North Laine again :slight_smile: We are non smokers, won’t be partying, and will abide by house rules.
Hope to hear from you soon, sorry it’s short notice,
Nick and Kerry x
7 Jun 2017”

Host: “Hi Nick
Many thanks for your request
Can I ask what time you would be planning on checking in and out
7 Jun 2017”

Me: “I’ve just realised, I replied by text, which takes a while to filter through to you, I’ll write it here, and you can ignore text later.
Check in Friday early afternoon, check out Saturday noon.
Also, I’m only in Hove, so if you prefer, I can be very flexible, for times, I can pop over for keys anytime beforehand if that means you can relax and get on with your weekend earlier. Nick (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)
7 Jun 2017”

Host: “Unfortunately I won’t be able to fit you in
8 Jun 2017”

Maybe she was alarmed at me already having a house in her street…I remember reading now, that local bookings are ‘odd’

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Took her a day to decide I’m a stalker!

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You probably already know this as a host, but if you want a last minute booking always better to use Instant Book, if you don’t want to wait for a reply.

Also send requests to multiple properties and then you can take the first one to accept.

You are just assuming she had a better offer. Perhaps you threw up red flags as a local or more likely she was seeing if she could juggle things around to accommodate your last minute request and couldn’t organise a cleaner or find the time to prepare the property. Like many of us she probably holds down a paid job, runs a household as well as Airbnb and isn’t always able to reply straight away to confirm or decline.

I don’t see it as a big deal.

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Just a thought but as a host I get the message that you are making more money letting out your place and you are staying with me at a cheaper rate which makes you seem a bit of a wheeler dealer. Of course, this may not be true but if my neighbor asked to rent my place because they were renting out theirs I’d probably decline. Just my two cents

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you’re right, it’s not a big deal, I’m just chatting with fellow hosts about fellow hosts

I also had a bad experience trying to get hosts to reply to me so I now search looking only for instant book places. If I can’t find anything I’ll turn instant book off. I also prefer to stay with a superhost.


But why on earth go to Brighton, when you live in Hove Actually, Darling? (Sorry, foreigners, British joke!


I know! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gets us away from the lodgers!

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You see what Simon Evans says about this? :slight_smile:

I attempted to book a place in Belgium for next June, I’m a history buff, and there is a Waterloo event. I stupidly told host why I was booking. Host declined, saying she’s not sure she will be hosting. My guess is she forgot to increase rates for the event.


Better she decline now than her cancel on you later when she realizes the event is upcoming and you find yourself unable to find an accommodation at all.


Some of our host tricks discussed here feel a little different when you’re a guest, eh?

Makes me a huge fan of IB and why it’s important to be a guest periodically.


I’ve been on instant book since day 1. Don’t do tricks as it isn’t in my nature. I’m probably too honest for my own good.