Host Insurance in the UK

Can anyone in the UK who has home insurance in the UK and liability insurance for hosting and airbnb’ing give me an indication of how much it costs please?

I pay £30 a month. :slight_smile:

That is very reasonable. What does that cover?

Pretty much everything.

Airbnb, b&bs, lodgers, holiday homes.

Covers your normal buildings and contents. Public liability etc etc basic legal. Loads of things.

My set up is cover for me + (2 lodgers or 2 airbnb guests or a mix of both)

So is this separate to your usual home insurance or does it also include that?
My home insurance without guests is the same as that.

It’s my only insurance, I rent rooms in my house where I live.

Before I switched I was on a standard home b+c policy which was £10 or so a month. But obviously they don’t cover rentals or airbnb etc

Would you share who it is with please as I will be changing.

Yes of course.

Thank you so much Paul

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Be very careful - I have just found out that my policy with HomeProtect does NOT protect me against theft from an AirBnB guest. Also they will NOT cover you for accidental damage and this I have double checked. I short, unless you are prepared to pay £1000 pa. (I was quoted this today from a BIBA broker) you will not get the level of cover you would expect.

I short, unless you are earning a very decent return from renting out your spare rooms, think very carefully. Personally I am thinking of quitting as I am now paying £56pm month with HomeProtect, for no cover from theft or accidental damage which are the two key ones I would want to be insured against. If anyone knows of another option, please let me know as I need the extra cash from these rentals but I simply cannot afford the risk or the premiums!!

Hey Paul are you sure about this as just seen the response below. Thanks