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Host in New York, Berlin, Santa Monica or other areas where STR has been banned. Are you still hosting?

Is anyone here a host in an area that brought in regulations to Ban Short Term rentals such as New York, Berlin, Santa Monica Etc?

Many cities are considering these regulations now as Airbnb rampages through the industry like a bull in a China shop.

How are you dealing with the Ban if you live in one of these areas and if a regulation was introduced in your area would you stop renting out your unit?

Sorry not the answer you are looking for…
Air hosts in cities where housing supply conflicts STR business should establish association to promote positiveness of STR to local economy.
Join annual parades, organize charities, educate locals that STR contributes millions in taxes, and influence legislative assembly by lobbying.
Collect membership fee ($200-$500) from hosts should cover legal, admin expenses.
These mega cities (NYC, Berlin, SF etc) that banned STR is just the beginning.

it is banned in most of Charleston SC USA and owners without legit rentals are being personally sued by owners with legal rentals. So it is ugly. Many in Charleston have stopped renting due to either fear of being sued or fines by the city.

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