Host guarantee program

I am new to this forum and have a question.
I have been a host for several years but have just had my first bad experience, where I’ve put a claim through to the host guarantee service. I want reimbursed from either guest or Airbnb.
(Guest vomited all over room, therefore causing lots of damage. Everything had to be chucked, even the mattress, which was soaked right through with sick. The vomit went right through, two mattress protector, a topper and a sheet)!

Has anyone else had a successful claim through the host guarantee? If so how long does it take?

Thank you

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I think some on here have successfully claimed.

Just as many report problems.

Obviously much easier if your guests admits the damage.

It can take a few weeks. I would contact the case manager dealing with your case and ask them for a progress update.

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Also, try to get a waterproof protector for the mattress next time.

Thank you Helsi.
Guests admitted damage and it’s recorded on the Airbnb message system. However they said they couldn’t afford to pay. If they can’t, I’m hoping the host guarantee will cover at least the mattress. Case manager is quite lethargic in updates, but I’m hoping no news is good news right? :wink:

To be honest, whether they can pay isn’t the issue. Airbnb will charge their payment method. Good luck. Hope it all works out.

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Ok. Thank you. Il keep everyone updated

I would imagine a Guest would cancel or stop a Credit Card in this situation.

Make sure you fully understand the serious limitation of the Host Guarantee.

Oh, that’s terrible! I’m so sorry this happened to you. I can’t imagine walking in to that. I have put in one claim to Airbnb for guest who put three holes in my walls and broke several items. The guest paid half of what I asked for (with receipts for most items and a written admission from the guest provided) and promised to pay the other half in two weeks. I never heard back from them (shocker!), and Airbnb did not assist me further. They were very compassionate when I called, but that was as far as it went. I spent a lot of time getting quotes and receipts, too—irksome.

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I should of said I don’t charge a security deposit as just a room in private house:(

I don’t know if I’m understanding you correctly but you should have a security deposit. ‘Just a room in a private house’ needs a deposit just as much as any other type of accommodation.

Thank you crowntown.

Sorry to hear that happened to you also. Sounds horrendous:( I cannot believe Airbnb didn’t assist you further!

I noticed on the host guarantee, that hosts can also claim for booking loss. Luckily we just lost out on two days, but i would like this back also after being forced to cancel other bookings until we got a new mattress delivered etc.

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I didn’t know this. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Just to let you guys know our claim was successful, through the host guarantee service. Airbnb are paying for it. However, I was disappointed to see they didn’t mention the two day booking loss. (We had to cancel next day booking as we couldn’t get a new mattress right away as it was Easter and stores were shut). I have asked them about this.
I’m happy as I now still have time to write a review. Guests were nightmares from day one! Wasn’t just the vomit issue.

Excellent news - re the mattress- I bought a mattress in a box for $200 that is kept in my garage as a back up. I have 4 properties with a total of 10 queen beds.

Thank you for coming back to let us know. Could you clarify exactly what it is that you claimed? Just a mattress or were there additional things you claimed.

The key to getting paid was their admission on the platform and you following proper procedure for being paid such as submitting your claim before the next guest arrived.

Paid out for the mattress, all bedding and towels that they used to mop up the vomit.

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Please keep us posted on this and if Air provides a reason for not paying for a two day booking loss.

I just had Airbnb pay me for damages through the host guarantee program. I’m wondering if payment source is from airbnb funds, or if they’re charging the guest. How do you know they’re charging back the guest?

Your guest sounds like Mr. Creosote on Monty Python. Give him credit: it’s hard work to be that disgusting. This is where I would have to ask what a hotelier would do. What made him vomit like that? Is it contagious? Are you aware that this is a Covid symptom? One of several, but still…

Forget about the Airbnb host guarantee. If they give you .10 on the dollar it’s a miracle. Most everything needs to be replaced, and with a properly suited up crew. Take pictures, keep receipts, and contact the media.

Time to take the gloves off.