Host Discrimination

Hi hosts,
I’m in SF (shelter in place) as of yesterday 17th.

Has any Asian hosts that show their profile photo get random cancellations?

I decided to test it- I replaced my avatar with a photo of the main hero photo (dining room). I also removed that I speak Korean.
I received a same day booking & they arrived at 7:30pm & quietly left at 11:30 - never responded to my text.

Maybe I’m paranoid but it made me feel really sad.


No they are probably cancelling because of the corona virus

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I absolutely believe that you will be discriminated against if you are Asian, Asian name or Asian looking. I would replace my avatar with a logo or similar like half the hosts already do. The discrimination against Asians is already well documented so there is no question about it.

As far as not responding to your text—that’s meaningless. Lots of people don’t respond to my messages. Any cancellations are probably more directly related to the lockdown, not your avatar.


If people are that racist and ignorant, you should not want them in your home. It’s negative energy and who needs that!


I am so sorry for you and ashamed of our fellow americans


That’s not really the point though is it @Ritz3

@Nads415 I am sorry you feel you are experiencing racism. I have had one cancellation so far because of the virus. Sounds like your last minute booking was a booty call :grinning:

As someone from a BME (black minority ethnic) background I have always used my photo on my profile. Have no idea or way of knowing whether it limits my bookings.

Although I think not as I live in a very multicultural inner city area, so people with racist inclinations aren’t likely to want to stay in my area.

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Yeah so I was thinking that SAME thing as I dropped my prices very low due to the CV.

I’m not claiming it was racism it just felt like that.
I’ve had several cancellations & we’re in full shelter in place. This one felt diff- guess I never thought of a booty call!!

Makes me feel better. Thank you.

Yeah thanks for you honestly & now I don’t feel so alone.
It’s hard enough not being able to leave my home - as were In full shelter in place mode.
Trying to stay positive & workout at home eat healthy etc.

Thank you


I don’t think so- they checked in same day stayed for 3 hours & left.

I am impressed, 3 hour booty call!


Haha! So weird!! Never had a booty call booking before (private room).


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