Host cancelled reservation?

I have Instant Book enabled. I got a reservation for one person. The guest said she was coming with friends to celebrate her birthday. (“Just a little get together”, she said.) I told her to cancel the reservation, or I would call Airbnb and have them cancel it. It seems like she called Airbnb to complain.

All of this happened within 24 hours of her making the reservation. And yet it now appears in the reviews as “Host cancelled 16 days before arrival.” Has anyone else had this happen?

That’s outrageous! Have you called Airbnb to complain? We have had soooooo much bad press about parties at Airbnb’s in Melbourne in the past month or so including:
A murder last weekend
2 houses trashed
An older gent assaulted trying to assist when one of the houses were being trashed

You are trying to be a responsible host yet penalized. This is why the governments all over the world are bringing in massive regulation and Airbnb will be killed off, because Airbnb is not being responsible.


Oh dear.

No, never had this happen.

Get on the phone to Airbnb and confirm you didn’t cancel the booking but pointed out to the guest that you couldn’t come to the listing with friends and host a ‘get together’ as she had only made a booking for one. They need to amend the cancellation to reflect it wasn’t one originated by the host.

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Guest-centric strikes again…throw the hosts over.
That is terrible and unfair.

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Are you on twitter? This seems like the sort of thing that would get Airbnb’s attention on twitter.

You may try calling back, because you will get a new CS rep with fresh eyes.

Someone on another thread had something similar happen. Can’t remember exactly the reason for the call, but they got one rep who gave an unsatisfactory response and then called back and had it handled by a new rep.

When a guest has “informed me” of how they will be breaking one of my house rules, when calling, I prefaced the cancellation with “I do not feel comfortable with guest, because they have stated their intent to break one of my house rules.” Result: no penalty…as it should be.

Good luck!!