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Host canceled on me because HOA sent a Cease and Desist notice & Air gives me $40

Host canceled my booking because their HOA sent a notice of violation. (I can only imagine what I would be thinking right now if I were a first-time AIR user…) So Air issues a $40 credit to help me book a new place although the only places available in my parents’ city are over twice what I originally booked (original booking is $403, new options are $850+)

When I originally made this booking, there were several options in my price range. I don’t feel like Air is handling this very well from a guest’s perspective. The $40 credit only applies if I re-book this reservation on Air so if I have to book a hotel now, there’s not even a credit I can apply to my next time traveling.

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How many nights did you have booked?

You didn’t receive a full refund?

I do have the option of a full refund but that doesn’t really help me as much as AIR coughing up a bigger credit to help me re-book a place. It’s just 2 nights.

I don’t want to do a hotel because my kids don’t sleep well unless they’re in different rooms. I can go far outside my parents’ city and book a place (20 min drive) but the whole point of the visit was to easily spend time with the grandparents which gets more logistically complicated if every nap is a 50 minute roundtrip drive (and that’s not even taking traffic into account).

I also just find this situation interesting from my host perspective – I thought that AIR was much more guest-friendly and that they would be much more proactive to retain guests in this situation but it looks like they don’t care THAT much about guests either, LOL!

How last minute was the cancellation? It seems Air should be more helpful and generous the later it gets. Imagine if someone were already on an international flight and when they landed they found out the host cancelled. IMO that should be more severe “ding” on the host’s record than cancelling a few weeks out, when there still might be time to line another place up.

This summer I have 6 Airbnb reservations over 7 weeks in New York. I Wouldn’t be surprised if at least one ended up cancelling. Hopefully it won’t be last minute. What I’ve done is have a big wish list of alternate places in case that happens. There’s a way to search specific dates for only places that are part of your wish list.

Is there a way to search for places that allow same day bookings? I’d like to have a few of those noted in case of truly last minute emergencies.

We are arriving in 8 days so I’m not surprised that only the most expensive listings are available.

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