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Host Assist Programme

How are you approaching the host assist programme? What are your thoughts on it.

I am approaching it as a mentor/mentee programme and wander what people may want help with?

I created a Facebook group for those interested in it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1132994266797300/

  1. I’m not approaching it at all - don’t think it operates where I live
  2. Most new hosts don’t read the information BNB provides so want help with everything

Sharing my knowledge and experience is all nice and fine when I want to but why would commit to a relationship to help the competition for next to nothing. I see red flags everywhere.

Not available in my area which is annoying as I would like to use the smart locks that work with an Air app to send guests the code automatically. You can set a timed code, all in all very useful. But not for me apparently.

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