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Host and guest interaction and other new tools

I heard Airbnb is publishing a research work about host and guest interaction next September. They also will implement new tools to solve conflicts. Did any body heard about this?

They have also have recently launched a new tool for neighbours to anonymously complaint: https://www.airbnb.com/neighbors. I hope this is not an invitation for more picky people to complain!! :no_mouth:

Me too, I hope Airbnb is not becoming nannybnb. They should spend more effort on working with local government.

I was emailed this week about joining “airbnb action.” I was asked about joining local meetups and being involved in grassroots lobbying. The email was specifically talking about initiatives in my state legislature. There are over 80,000 local governments in the United States alone. Obviously they will only be able to spend effort in select localites, major cities.

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Love it! nannybnb.

I actually wonder if this was done in response to municipalities complaining about Air misbehavior… ? This doesn’t benefit host or guest… You know? And actually could prove to be a way for neighbors to get back at you. We’ve heard of some hosts here who’ve had very hostile neighbors even though they kept a close watch on their guests.

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Hopefully it doesn’t get abused. All my guests so far have been quiet and clean and good all round. If i get any complaints i know its horse crap. Haha

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