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Host and cohost separate dashboards?

I’m thinking of bringing in a cohost to help with our listings.

The Air article on cohosting seems to say that the cohost has his/her own dashboard to use to communicate with the guest.

does anyone have experience with this?

In fact, do the host and cohost have separate dashboards?
or can we both converse with guests on the same dashboard?
or do we have separate dashboards but the host can see both host and cohost dashboard communications?
or do I have all the incorrect ideas? :slight_smile:

thanks in advance,

My husband is my co- host and he has his own dashboard but cannot see the review categories, progress, earnings, or opportunities so it’s different. However, he does see messages and is able to respond.

yes, the co host has separate dashboards. my friend was co-hosting for someone else and she showed me what she saw… it was difficult for her to do some tasks because as a co-host the things she could do were limited.
Airbnb changes the GUI so much all the time.

(GUI = Graphical User interfaces)

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