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Host Airbnb email address


Sometimes I have guests outside the US that want to send an attachment but don’t want to send via a phone app.

Is the email address to contact me, the host, that Airbnb generates different for each guest that books?

How do I find out what this email address is or perhaps where it is located on the guest’s reservation?


It’s on the booking confirmation @Lynick4442


Thank you for reply but that’s not quite what I asked. I know it’s on the guest’s booking information but as we all know, guests can’t seem to read. I need to know more specific where on the reservation it is posted but more importantly if each guest get a different unique email of rme or if it’s the same one all the time.

  1. It is in the same place as you see the guest’s airbnb email. on your booking confirmation Under the profile photo.

They see a host airbnb email under your profile photo.

Just as you see the guest airbnb email under their profile photo.

  1. Yes

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