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Host a renting apartment that you do not live in it

I do not own this apartment. I rent it from a landlord. I also do not live in it. Is it illegal for me to host it?
Thank you

It can be - read what AirBnB has on your city, and then read your contract with your landlord. Lastly, speak with your landlord about doing AirBnB.

First you will need to talk to your landlord about it. Most landlords will not agree to it. And then go from there.

It should be in your rental agreement with your landlord / rental agency …

Maybe not illegal, but it sure would make you a yucky person. You’re taking away housing stock to make money? Boo on you.

People can tell the difference when a house is not a home. Don’t make airbnb into your own personal hotel business.

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Are you saying that people should only do STRs on houses that they live in? I don’t live in the place I rent out and I sir, am not yucky.

Yep. Airbnb is for locals to share their homes with people who want to experience that area like a local. Read Airbnb’s splash page if you don’t believe me. Airbnb’s not lived in by the host are easily sensed by their sterility, bare bones furnishing, and ‘living rooms’ with no vestige of actual life in them. Then there are the numerous (in the hundreds) guest reviews, the filled-to-the-brim guest books on the kitchen table, and the fact that there isn’t even a box of salt in the cupboard.

Lol, that’s a pretty hostile point of view. You’re wrong, of course, and I’ll only spend about 15 seconds debating this.

But my property has a stocked pantry filled with pastas and sauces and condiments and treats. I have games to play, a poker table, room to spread out and get comfy. My place is more of a home than some shared units because it’s all for my guests - no questions of boundaries. And the best thing is, I get out of their hair after I have welcomed them. Actually, it’s better than home - that’s why people love it.

And I don’t live there. If I did, then people would have to deal with my indoor pet chicken. I feel that might kill the “live like a local” romantic ideal.

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