Homeowners Association

I just started with Airbnb as a host. As a direct result of my first guest’s party’s a complaint was lodged by a neighbor and subsequently the HOA discovered my Airbnb listing. They are citing to the regulations claiming I am running a hotel.

I live in Las Vegas where Airbnb is generally not welcome. I live in a master.planned community and an HOA runs it.

Any suggestions on how to comply with the. Regs or find a legal argument to bypass them.

You are almost certainly out of luck unless you can get the HOA to change their bylaws.


Did you establish that you were able to run an Airbnb from there before you set up?

No. I didn’t bother checking. I figured if it was disallowed they would not catch me until they caught all in my community. I’ve seen at least 15 houses and countless condos listed. I think I got unlucky because the very first guest was loud and obnoxious. I’ll pay their penalty until they threaten a lawsuit. I can stall them for a while. I am a lawyer so I can fight but not win.

“…I can fight but not win.”

Well, there you go.


That’s half the story with every case it seems. LOL.

You could do 30 day rentals and not less, so that its not short term rental. We are also in Las Vegas and the anti-Short Term Rental noise is so loud that I doubt they would work with you, but 30 days is not considered SHORT.