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Homeaway/VRBO owners - are you star rating your guests?

I won’t. Now right now I do not have the option because I do not use their payment system, so my bookings do not go through their system.

But in light of Air’s recent stunt with some new hosts having no option other than instant book - we should look to Homeaway to copy cat.

It makes sense of course that in Tom Hale’s (HA’s former COO) last webinar he made a comment about the company getting a lot of built up guest reviews first, before they do something blah blah blah. I cannot remember exactly what he said. But I took note of his comment in the back of mind.

Of course Air can now say “well you can set certain restrictions like only accepting guests who were recommended, or guests who have this star review, or whatever.”

There is always a catch with all these companies. While it is great that we can review guests and star rate them, etc. - we all have also helped Air to move forward to instant booking. Who knows where it will end up. My hope is they won’t be able to accomplish a 100% instant book site.

But on Homeaway - currently owners cannot write a review for guests. They can only rate them with stars. And maybe recommend them - not sure. So there is a reason for this. But the Homeaway sheeple seem to never see it coming. Over and over again HA has shown to be sneaky, underhanded, outright liars.

Does anyone know if they finally added Amex after increasing their credit card rates under the justification of adding Amex? For anyone who doesn’t know - this was all a lie. For months and months they still didn’t accept Amex after they sent an email saying credit card rates were increasing because of this.

I do have to give Chesky credit for his ingenious methods. Anyway…my rant for the day. I won’t help HA achieve squat.




Do you recall if there was a “recommend” button?

Poor, poor HA owners who think HA is providing guest reviews as a favor… will be crying once again when HA moves to closed communication. Shaking my head…

Hey, do you have any pointers for using Homeaway? I just started putting my listing on there. Crossed fingers. Please let me know any pro tips esp. how it may be different from airbnb.

@cabinhost Interesting! This is all news to me.

@hypertokyo, wrong thread for that question. Please search the site for this frequently asked and much discussed question.

Which part is interesting Cat?

hypertokyo - HA wants everyone on PPB. So if that’s where you are, you should do just fine for the meantime. I can’t give anyone a strategy for listing on any site, as I dont think it is in anyone’s best interest long term.

Warning: I rated one guest poorly (who trashed our rental home), and somehow the guest found out, and then retaliated with a poor rating of the home. I don’t plan to use guest reviews again.

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