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Homeaway / VRBO event 2/24 Myrtle Beach SC & more



Is anyone attending?
“Join Homeaway on February 24th in Myrtle Beach for free breakfast and a viewing of our new A&E TV show, Vacation Rental Potential”

“…Come enjoy free breakfast, meet the HomeAway team, and see the benefits of listing your property on HomeAway…”

I appears VRBO is recruiting members in the areas spotlighted in their TV show.

Did anyone get an invitation for their area? Jersey shore? Savannah GA? Flagstaff, AZ? Gulf Shores, AL? Park City, UT? Breckinridge, CO?

Is anyone attending the Myrtle Beach meeting? I am. I have an extra admission.


In Australia HomeAway, who have taken over Stayz, announced an event for hosts in Sydney but were charging $350 for the 2 day confab. That’s one way to make money off hosts I guess.


They are charging? Shame on them to charge the people they recruit to help make the company money.

The one in Myrtle Beach is free. My experience with vrbo wasn’t the best. I want to know what improvements they are featuring


@JamJerrupSunset , @Annet3176 - That event was most likely their Summit. They hold those every year, and feature sessions with various groups that develop parts of the platform (the Rates Editor, for instance). It’s also a way to meet other owner, as well as the management at HomeAway.

I’ve gone twice now to Summits in the U.S. I found the first one very useful, the second one a bit less so (because I had been to the one the year before, and some of the topics were similar).

The charge does cover breakfasts and lunches both days, as well as a happy hour.

I suspect the Myrtle Beach event is free because their goal is to recruit more people to sign up on HomeAway, or renew their subscriptions. Lots of owners are unhappy with them because of their changes and they might be doing some “damage control” , too.

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