HomeAway - 'Payable to you' income

Hello all,

I am scratching my head trying to figure out how much income we will actually receive from HomeAway bookings. The actual income received is always different the ‘Payable to you’ amount.

Until recently we had a very small number of HomeAway bookings. We’re now getting many more and for longer periods, so there’s more reason to know.

I have looked at HomeAway’s Community pages and there are others who are confused and no clear answers. Before I ask HomeAway directly, I wondered if anyone here has figured it out.

I will give a real example if the issue.

Booking Payment:

So, I know the ‘payable you you’ is wrong - because it includes the refundable damage deposit. However, simply deducting this still does not result in the correct figure.

The actual amount paid to us is as set out in the deposit statement from HA. This always differs from the payable to you amount (less damage deposit):

No matter which way I deduct the other fees, I can’t reconcile the figure in the deposit statement/payout.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Sorry, I wish I had an answer.

I do have a question, though - what’s up with the £1 cleaning fee?

From recollection, when setting up the listing it wouldn’t let me put £0 or leave it blank. So I defaulted to £1.

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