HomeAway calendar imported into Airbnb

I have a HomeAway calendar imported into my Airbnb calendar and wanted to verify a few things with our fellow host community… how does this feature work for you with regards to the following aspects:

  1. How often does your HomeAway calendar update your Airbnb calendar? For example, if a booking occurs on HomeAway and blocks your HomeAway calendar dates, will the dates be blocked on Airbnb’s calendar immediately, almost real time? Or will they be blocked that evening… so the HomeAway calendar syncs and pushes info to Airbnb (or Airbnb pulls the info from HomeAway) only once a day?

  2. Which HomeAway dates are updated on your Airbnb calendar and how? For example, a booking on HomeAway will show as dates unavailable on my Airbnb calendar. Unfortunately, a tentative HomeAway booking will also block the dates on my Airbnb calendar so Airbnb visitors cannot request them. I believe a HomeAway booking request also blocks the dates on my Airbnb calendar even if I have not accepted the HomeAway request yet. HomeAway inquiries do not seem to block or update my Airbnb calendar in any way, shape or form.

  3. What information from the HomeAway calendar is updated for each stay on your Airbnb calendar? In addition to the dates, I show the HomeAway guest’s first and last name and that’s about it.