Home owners insurance in the US

For hosts in the US, which home insurance carrier do you use? I have Liberty Mutual right now and I mentioned to them that I do airbnb and they said that their policy does not allow short term rentals at all. Based on what I’ve read on the forum here, it seems like Proper insurance is one of the few companies that offer home insurance. Any others? Any feedback on Proper?


I’m using CBIZ and they cover my home

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We don’t currently have an Airbnb, but we hope to soon, and this is of concern to me as well. One has to have insurance if you have a mortgage, and if the insurance company cancels you after a claim if they discover short-term rental, you have a really big problem

I posted info about this on demand insurance on another thread. You are covered by them without going through your homeowners’ policy.

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thanks for that note. Looks like slice is not available in Oregon, so I will have to wait. I’m still not sure how it works though. My understanding, based on talking with Liberty Mutual and Allstate is that regardless of whether you purchase insurance through companies like Slice, if you’re doing any short-term rentals in your home, they will not sell you homeowners insurance. They will also deny any claims that you might make - even if they’re not related to an airbnb guest.

Seems like a big gap to me. I think most hosts don’t know that their home insurance policy prohibits short-term rentals. If you find out otherwise, please let us know.

I was hoping to read more…

Nationwide was not on my side. I’ve written before that they put me in non-renewal status (homeowners, landlord insurance for other property let long term, and personal liability umbrella) basically just for asking if they had a commercial product for me before I even listed the airbnb. I went with Proper. I’m covered for everything, from the bottle of wine I leave to guests’ use of firepit and propane grill. I concur that hosts should be careful they are not invalidating their entire homeowners policy coverage doing short term rental, even if they get supplemental coverage of some kind.

This is where Airbnb really needs to step up to the plate! This is the biggest problem I have and that is getting adequate coverage that doesn’t cost five times what normal homeowners insurance is . They really should be the ones to try to help with that situation and find a good insurance company that will cover Airbnb .

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Its a 1000 deductible for certain things. Coverage is rather low for the rate you pay. They only cover 10,000 on medical and 5,000 for legal so if someone slips and breaks a leg this will not give the appropriate coverage of all. This is the biggest problem with with vacation rentals. Lack of affordable good, coverage.

You’re reading it wrong, that coverage is for you if a guest injures you. The coverage for a guest is 2 million. They separate the deductible coverage from the stuff with no deductible. I do agree that Airbnb should be working wth ins companies to get coverage for this new economy.

There is nothing new about this, people have been renting out rooms since there were rooms to rent.

Nor is there a shortage of Insurer’s in the B&B business.

AirBnB is just a booking platform and has a multiple of listing types.

Airbnb already has the Host Protection Insurance program for free for all hosts in 15 countries. Read here: https://www.airbnb.com/host-protection-insurance.

I will still be checking with my homeowners insurance agent to make sure my carrier is OK with it. But in terms of liability, Airbnb has us covered.

Hi everyone,

This isn’t trying to be spam, or cause any issues or annoyances…it’s for those of you who are looking for a solution to your insurance worries, I think I have an answer that might be appropriate for those of you living in the UK. Guardhog are a great little insurance company (please google them for more information) who are trying to bridge the gap between residential insurance, which doesn’t cover for paying guests, and landlord insurance, which is expensive if you don’t rent full time.

Might be worth looking into if you’re struggling to find something that works for you!


More of the spam spam spam spam!

Usually I would agree but @lwcarrick did not initiate this thread, she’s just offering a possible solution for insurance which is what people have been asking about here. I think it’s fine for her to post her info in this case. Only thing is the thread is asking about USA insurance.

Offering a possible solution by pasting the same advertising message over a dozen threads or so some going back to 2014?

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Didn’t know about multiple posts.

If all you do is use a forum meant for hosts to post information advertising your company then it is spam. On that basis it is inappropriate and annoying.

There are a number of companies offering short term insurance in the UK.

Of course it’s good to have a choice of providers but not to have them spamming our forums.

One post would have been fine as the posts are actually well written. The issue is the volume!


Lucy has deleted most of her posts and I deleted the rest. I’ll leave this one for anyone who might be looking for insurance in the UK and stumbles across this thread.