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Why do people go on vacation and never leave the house? I have a younger couple staying until Thursday. They haven’t left the house in 2 days. AND they are fighting. Nothing too crazy but the dynamic is weird. We live in the home. Super uncomfortable. Anyone deal with guests staying in all day or the fighting? Probably nothing that can be done, right?

Our rentals are separate apartments but I live next door to one and opposite the other. So I don’t have guests in my home but they are close by.

I find that they can’t win with me - if they stay in I worry that they’re not enjoying our area and if they go out a lot I worry that they don’t like the accommodation. :wink:

Thinking about it though, we do get couples who argue. Maybe they just don’t have the time during their busy working lives and save all their grievances for when they have the time???


Traveling with someone can be very stressful. They are probably on a trip thinking it will help and instead they are realizing it’s the end.


I don’t know. Fighting in someone else’s house is just disrespectful. Save it for home.

I sometimes get guests fighting at my place which is a separate apartment. It’s always uncomfortable. The worst one happened when I was traveling and the neighbors had to intervene. The neighbor thought it was me being abused by a guy. Lovely. The guest apologized and claimed they were just “passionate people.” I told her that was a new name for it and it was totally unacceptable and that she should leave a guy like that because it will never get better.


Nightmare. Give times for the common areas like the kitchen in future then guests’ arguments won’t be under your nose.

I can vouch for this. It happened to three of our friends - all since split from the person they were traveling with. One travelled from NZ to UK!

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It doesn’t need to be a couple. We had a mother/daughter combo for a week, who stayed in all day, in their pyjamas (hoping to launder daily but that’s another topic…). Mum watched TV in their room all day, the daughter came down occasionally to make calls. It felt like a passive aggressive siege for four days until other guests arrived, who were splendidly raucous. For the next few days they left the house at 7 am,(dressed…) returning at 10 pm and went straight to bed. We barely clapped eyes on them again and they left early am without saying goodbye. And left no review.

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