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Holy cow! New reservation!

I just opened one night for repeat guests (who are vaccinated) and the next thing I heard was cha-ching! A reservation!

Kind of exciting. Kind of scary. Almost a month away to get mentally prepared.

I’ve edited the listing for the one room that’s booked. Now that this booking is set, I’ll change to a two-night minimum stay, finish updating photos, and then open that room starting May 1.

EEK! It’s like starting over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZCxyOcvp5A


Do you check each guests vaccination cards on check in and show them yours and that of any cleaning crews @RebeccaF

Interested to understand how hosts who require vaccinated guests are handling this.

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I don’t think there’s any way to require vaccination records. Wish we could. I wish every business could.

My guests mention being vaccinated in their request to book, giving an opportunity to say, “ me too.” It doesn’t come up after that, but we keep our distance, disinfect regularly and I keep lots of fresh air circulating.


Same with our guests and us.


I had my first new booking stay on Thursday. Of course I’ve been open on and off through the pandemic, mostly July to Dec when it was warm enough to open the door and window to air it out. Still I felt rusty after 3 full months off. But it went off without incident. It feels good to return to a feeling of normalcy but still going slow.


I’ve still got way too much to do upstairs to open, and I’m hoping that local vax levels will get to 70% by the end of May. I was thinking of opening May 1, but I haven’t even started painting yet, and I need good weather for a window repair.

We have been having recurring slush storms. Even though this is Alaska, we’re ready for spring breakup.


We have opened to the general public in July and already have two bookings. We have accommodated one repeat guest whom we know well and could isolate in our home pretty effectively. Like many pre-COVID practices, I am finding myself very much out of practice and need to use a checklist to prepare, communicate, etc. I feel that my vaccination status protects me and that guests are responsible for vaccinating, picking listings, etc. that fit their risk level.


I opened my calendar 5 April and got two reservations quickly. Yesterday I got another 2 day reservation starting today. With my two days between bookings the 3 weeks I had made available are over half filled. I have a friend here a couple of nights at the end of April and other friends 10 days in early May.

At first I felt really rusty and there was literally months of dust in the room (I’d done remodeling). Now after having one stay and prepping the next one I’m feeling it come back to me. Nevertheless, the slow pace relative to what I was doing pre-pandemic feels very comfortable.


Talk about rust. I left my 3 year rental almost 3 years ago, got a few bookings in the one after that till the town shut me down. Now, here I go, one reservation so far and think and rethink everything I’m doing. I’m in a small city with lots of superhosts, so it will take awhile to climb back up. Mostly, I just want to take it slow and do the right thing for the guests. Bit of a worrier here, but will calm down after a few guests.


Just had my first 4 night guests (who are thinking of moving to the area from VA) leave on Saturday. It was a bit nerve-wracking but they were lovely and gone most of the time. :wink: It will be great.

I just wrote “Host is vaccinated” as the first line of my listing. I mask up, glove up, disinfect up, and leave wipes for guests everywhere.

Absolutely!! Exciting and a bit scary all at the same time.

Yes, definitely rusty on the cleaning and organizing habits…

I feel your worrier pain! Thank goodness for this forum!!

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Great idea. Thanks! :sun_with_face:


Got 2nd reservation for Wed, yikes. She’s coming here for the same reason I was coming and staying in Airbnb’s and that was to find a house so she can move here.


I get a lot of these types of guests. Some are friends, some have made their own friends. It’s fun.


We’ve become friends with a number of Airbnb guests who have stayed with us while house-hunting.


I’ve been following the market here for about a year before moving and then in the last 10 months of living here. Houses don’t sit for very long and my realtor says there’s a shortage so prices are shooting up. It took me probably 10 months to find something where I liked the area, property and house and that I could do a STR. Glad I’ll be getting a variety of people.


Where are you located?

Shenandoah Valley, VA.
And, you since I’m new here?

Apollo Beach, FL outside of Tampa

This post made me smile! Love the energy. I feel you, RebeccaF. We had our first booking about a month ago, forgot to put either the toaster oven or the fridge in the AirBnb :slight_smile: And its especially nervewracking because these will be the first reviews in a year, so it is exactly like starting over, as these reviews will carry so much weight.

We’re not getting any tourists, I sorely hope that business comes back to San Francisco someday, but we are getting family members visiting nearby relatives who want to protect them with distance. Its a very different type of let.

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