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HOA Violation LETTER

It’s removed.

Feel better?

@Muddy I thank you for the Text explanation. I too find it annoying.

I consider those who take the time to contribute in a cohesive manner to be thoughtful & considerate of whomever is viewing the Forum; demonstrating a respect for members on the forum, rather than just themselves.

I fear that it’s a losing battle for anyone who self admittedly just doesn’t get it

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Back to the initial question from OP.

This is the best response I could come up with on how to fight an HOA on the language provided:

(Reposting it here a third time in case OP missed it)

“The definition of the term “gainful” is arguable. Does she spend more on paying to maintain the property than she earns in STR?

Perhaps not gainful then.”

Have a good night, everyone

LOL, I’m pretty sure that “single-family residential use” will be more problematic than “gainful occupation…”

It’s almost like those CC&Rs were written by attorneys.

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I’m going to post for the 1000th time that we moderators do not relinquish ability to express ourselves frankly in exchange for moderating powers. We are unpaid volunteers who are trying our best. Surely we won’t please 100% of the people who post here.

That said, let me add to what others have said: your complaints about the forum in your short time here far outweigh your positive contributions here. If you don’t enjoy it, just quit logging in.


You’re another poster (and also moderator- can literally anyone qualify?) who, from the moment I logged onto the site and shortly thereafter, seemed to be super negative and defensive.

I remember one of my early posts I was discussing when I was invited to receive super host relief fund, and I was encouraging you/people to hang in there, and then you became defensive.


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Actually a really good call
I totally agree

LOL. Sure I was. I think you need to google the meaning of defensive.


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What are the requirements to be a moderator?

Community appreciation of the effort put in to do this somewhat thankless job, invited by the owner of this free site. After being here less than a month - i don’t think you qualify


For starters

  • showing some acumen on how to use the tools on this forum,
  • not criticizing at least 2 of the volunteer moderators just this evening.

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I didn’t realize those were the requirements for becoming a moderator. Interesting

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Not all forums work for all people. If you think this is harsh try Airbnb Reddit. @Grendel

In any forum it is always best to join, get used to how the forum works and not start off as a newbie by insulting all and sundry.

Sounds like this forum doesn’t work for you. Why not try something like Airbnb Community.


I never get that. Someone joins a forum, objects to the way it’s run and the tone of the posts, saying posters are rude or abusive, but stays on the forum. They must enjoy the abuse, or else they’re just bored.


Or they are about twelve years old. :slight_smile:


I think they are looking for sympathy, empathy, commiseration and handholding.
When they get a looong look through narrowed eyes and a “well you screwed up didn’t you” response… they get the hurt feelings and retaliate.
A serious host who wants to learn would sit and read for hours at this free “University” and appreciate the expert advice and wisdom available.
I read for months before I put on my big girls panties and a flak jacket and joined in.


I have suggested a canned response for these types of postings:

Everyone on this forum agrees with you!
You are absolutely right in your opinion about [Select one: Your guest, Airbnb, your neighbor, HOA rules, local regulations].
They are [Select all that apply: Complete idiots, liars, out to get you].
You should be [Select all that apply: Outraged, exempt, getting 100% reimbursement].

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