Historical bookings in the calender

The calendar dont show the history of the booking you have had. Is there a way to see what bookings you have had in the past.

Can you screen shot what you are seeing on your calendar? They are messing with it and some of have a new calendar and some don’t. If you have the new one and past dates look greyed out they are still clickable. You just have a blank calendar or no calendar at all?


I have the new calendar and it does not show anything prior to Mars 2018.


I have the new calendar (which is an overall improvement), but it did not show any booking prior to March 2018, BUT after I selected March in the drop-down menu I could select February. And when selecting February I could select January etc… Seems like a bug…

I see what you mean. Yes, it could be a glitch or they may be making it hard to go backwards on purpose.

Maybee, you are right, if you leave the calendar page your historical data is reset and you have to repeat the process to see the historical data.

Another issue:.It would be nice to have a feature to download the calendar, as PDF or Excel. The need is based on my property management firms software sometimes screw up my calendar.

At least with my browser, it is not possible to print the page to a pdf, which would be an alternative solution to be able to download the data.

It won’t do any good to give us your ideas for a downloadable calendar – we’re not affiliated with AirBnb the company. And, there’s a good chance that Air just doesn’t care about yours, or anyone else’s management style or requirements…

I believe they are in the reservation list.

What is the reservation list ?

Log in from your computer. It’s in hosting ——>>>reservations——> scroll to bottom clink link to load historical reservations ——> click a guests reservation confirmation to see what rate they were charged.

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