Hiring a remote interior decorator?

I am about to purchase a holiday rental and I’d like to spruce up the place. I have seen some ideas on Pinterest but I have no skill to see if they’d fit in my place, so I was thinking of hiring an interior designer/decorator. Local professionals all like a minimalist approach that is not in line with what I want. Most of my guests will be from North America and I’d like to reproduce something in their taste. Do you think I could work with a remote interior decorator?


If you are willing to post a link to your listing or pictures of your listing you can get lots of great advice on this forum for free. There are even design professionals on the forum that might chime in.

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Yes, working with a designer from a distance is not only possible but a good idea - it means that you can find exactly the right person regardless of their physical location.

However, I would warn against spending too much money on your property during the early stages. Although when your listing goes live you’ll get the new host boost, it will still take you months to recoup your costs. Do your sums very carefully. :slight_smile:


We North Americans don’t have a unified taste. I would be interested to hear exactly where the property is (I would think it should in some way allow the guest to feel apart of the local culture) and who you think your demographic is. I am of the opinion that in the home sharing business, the more “neutral” folks try to make their spaces the less appealing they are.


The property is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it is already furnished. In Argentina, when you buy a property the house already has the bathroom and kitchen done, so they’re usually cheap - so this is what I will have, a cheap and basic bathroom that could have a little more character with some accented details. The thing with accented details is that it is easy to err on the kitsch side.

I like this style, though our bathroom has no windows and I am not sure how a dark-ish wall would work. We have beige tiles and plain white fixtures. Also, I am thinking of a bathroom that will say “clean” and will be also easy to keep clean.

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Please post more photos of entire bathroom and measurements so that we can assist.

I am still in the process of purchasing the place so I just some bad pictures I took while surveying the house for the first time. I will post them once the place is purchased and I can take better shots.

I’m an interior designer and I have done some work with clients via skype, Pintrest, mood boards, etc. I would be happy to chat if you want to PM me.

PS- we thought about buying a property in BA but heard it was very hard to get money out of BA. Would love to chat further. Cheers


Please reach out to me. I’m looking to include an interior designer into a report that I send out to 100+ new hosts each month. My email is Danny@OptimizeMyAirbnb.com

Hi! I am interested in getting some interior design help for my listing. Are you still offering this service? We live in Tacoma wa and can use skype or just doscuss over images!

I can see if my assistant is taking on new remote projects right now. I think her plate may be a touch full, but PM your email.