High COL area and Value ratings

I’m not sure what to do with the recent hits to my Value ratings. About half of the last dozen guests left me 4* on Value.

My little town is a popular Midwest tourist destination and the summer prices average $225/night - this includes hotels that are a 10-15 minute drive from downtown, where my place is walkable.

My prices are generally within $5-10 of what they were last year, but I had far fewer 4* ratings then.

It looks like I’m priced competitively against other listings (perhaps too low, compared to some) and my calendar is full. There’s little rhyme or reason to the ratings - some guests paying $265/night marked me 4* while others gave me 5. Some of my 4* ratings came from those getting the best deals, and lower ratings come from a mix of experienced and new Airbnb users.

Do you all have any suggestions? I considered contacting some of the guests to ask what alternatives they were considering.

I guess what I’m really stuck on is whether these value ratings are aimed at my place in particular or feeling that lodging is overpriced for the whole town. My value rating still rounds to 5, as do other hosts, so I can’t tell if other local hosts are experiencing this, or just me.

Seems everyone wants something for nothing these days.

IMO there can be a plethora of reasons people give you 4 stars on value and most of them are probably based on their own idea of how much/little they want/like to spend rather than a reasoned evaluation of market value for your area. Could be they are remembering the YUGE place they booked in another time and place and comparing apples to oranges. Not much you can do about that.

Sounds like you’ve got yourself priced appropriately and you’re getting bookings.


I suggest you not give it any thought unless it’s impacting your overall rating dropping you below the required 4.7/4.8 stars. Or if Airbnb suspends you due to too many low ratings.

Do you provide any amenities? Check what other hosts in your area include in their !isting.

Unfortunately if you are one of the best priced in the area you will attract the cheapskates. I think I have mentioned this elsewhere on the forum but we have two airbnb’s in Melbourne, Australia, one 2 bedroom and one 1 bedroom, both in comparable areas, both with similar facilities/ decorations etc. Because the 1 bedroom one has one bedroom less, its cheaper. We get significantly more 4 stars for that one as (I believe) we are attracting the “cheapskates”.

The value is generally almost as stupid as location IMHO- we have another property in the country and got 4 stars for value recently with the comment, “a bit pricey but worth it”- if its worth it, doesn’t than mean its good value?
I need to stop caring about stars so much !


That sounds like one I got last week where she said it was “a great bargain” in my review and then gave me 4 stars for value. Uhhh… what??

Taking some advice from here recently I asked two different guests why they gave us 4 star. One said they thought 4 stars was good. the other said it was because she had had two knee operations and the lounge, pictured in the listing, was too low so she had to sit on the blanket bed at the end of the bed to watch TV and it was uncomfortable. She could have sat comfortably in bed and watched. So my advice is don’t ask as I can’t do anything about her knee operations.