Hidden shower cameras (AGAIN) give all AIRBNBs a black eye

The guests – a group of 13 young(ish) women – were so fearful of retaliation after they realized that whomever installed the “showercams” would have seen them discovering the cameras that some of them put home-made weapons under their beds.

Police do not yet know whether the cameras were placed by hosts, workers with access to the property or a previous guest


I find it a bit absurd that a bad host who is ‘discovered’ with cameras will retaliate by doing bodily harm to 13 guests in their airbnb. Does anyone think that a host attacking guests will not go unnoticed or unpunished?

A lot of women don’t find it absurd at all. I don’t think there’s a way that you can understand. And if the cameras are placed by prior guests or workers (did you read the article?) Airbnb doesn’t have any power over them. Maybe a little reading on the way women are terrorized by the violence perpetuated on them would go a long way in making you find it less absurd.


The danger is always there, of course, especially in a world where violent men own automatic weapons and are protected by the republican party, at least in America.

Plenty of violent men use their penis as the violent weapon and they are in all parties (hello, Bill Clinton), all countries, all cultures. And even in non sexual crimes, men commit the overwhelming majority of all crimes. It’s a problem that is rooted in misogyny, sexism and patriarchy, not partisanship.