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Hi peeps! I am a new Air bnb host and have my first guest in a few weeks

I live in St. Paul where my property taxes are going up 53% and I decided to offset that by renting out a spare bedroom in my home using Air bnb. I know St. Paul recently enacted licensing requirements and am complying with those but am wondering if anyone has any experiences they can share that will help? I am using a password protected door lock box, protecting my home wifi, and made a list of rules for the property but am not sure what else I should be doing. I will provide a simple breakfast for guests (protein bars, fruit, yogurt, coffee and tea) but what else am I forgetting?

New hosts get a boost in the search rankings. It’s important to get those first few reviews but don’t set your price too low. Make sure you’re familiar with Airbnb policies and read as much on this site as you can. If you’re going to allow people to come check in when you’re out you might want a security camera at the doorway so you can monitor who is coming and going when you aren’t there.


Read through this forum for lots of tips. I don’t think anyone will be up for writing you a novel of tips here. The best way to learn it is to do. Make mistakes and learn from them.


Hello and welcome @lauras0323

I’ve written quite comprehensive tips for new hosts a number of times here - so if you use the search function I am sure you will find something useful.

Also look at the Community Guides on Airbnb Community.

And read through their Help Centre.

Good luck


@lauras0323 As others have said - there is a LOT of information on this forum if you take the time to look through. My number one piece of advice is:
Even if you’re unsure, pretend that you know what you’re doing!! DO NOT be a doormat. Don’t aim to comply with any whims that guests may throw at you. Aim to be professional, consistent and fair.

Number two:
Take criticism calmly. It can be very hard when people critique your home. If that happens - take a deep breath and think it over slowly. Do they actually have a point? If yes, take it as constructive criticism and think how you could improve things. If no, just shrug it off and move on.


If no, pour a large G&T and get out your voodoo doll.


“If no”? I thought this procedure was standard! :astonished:


Maybe not to newbies with first guests yet to stay.

Where can I get a Voodoo doll?

I’ve actually been to this place and can vouch for the quality of their stuff. I can’t vouch for the efficacy of the products though.


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I wonder if they can make dolls using an Airbnb profile pic? :laughing:


This is great advice. Also, while making the best of your “new listing” bump in search results, it’s helpful to take shorter stays. This helps you work the kinks out, tweak your listing and rules, while gaining reviews. This approach works much better than taking a long-term stay that only garners one review (especially if you regret not having a house rule you’d wish your long term guest were subject to)


I would endorse this advice fully. We’ve had 7 bookings within 14 days from the first check-in. The regularity of ins and outs has helped us refine our listing, approach with guests and added a couple of items to the accomodation - one based on feedback. We’ll not his Superhost status by 14 January but we have given it our best shot to get those first 10 reviews!

Oh, and 53%! Ours went up by 17.5% which we thought was bad enough.

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I think all our great (and not so great) advice is falling on deaf ears Laura hasn’t responded since her first post.

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Read everything you can online about hosting on Airbnb and put a camera at the entrance to your property with a placard notifying the guests that they are under 24 hour surveillance. Do not do Instant Book as this is a room in your home and you need to vet anyone entering your home. Don’t book with shady requests. If it feels bad it probably is. Good luck!

I assume St. Paul, MN. Be ready for the first Super Bowl there in a couple weeks! Great opportunity to make some coin! Don’t price too low. Check out what others are charging.

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