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HI New here and to BnB ... how can I get more properties - have two and going well HELP!

HI New here and to BnB … how can I get more properties - have two and going well HELP ! Would like to take on more as we are in a great location for BnB bookings … but all new to me … any advice on how to build it into a mini business would be much appreciated … Thank you ever so ! S

You already have a mini-business. If you want to expand.

  1. Co-host
  2. Rent additional property through a landlord happy for you to sub-let
  3. Buy more properties.

What experience do you have in this business? What is your game plan if a) STR are banned in your area or b) Airbnb disappears? How much time and money are you able to invest? You see this as a full time job, yes?

We’d need a lot more info from you!

HI and thanks for your replies … co-host ? What is this please ?
STR (short term rental?) if this is correct we can rent short term here
Can it be a full time job ?
I am very new to this and need guiding !!
Have time and money to invest certainly …
If air BnB disappears then so be it - it my wife doing it … I work in another sector …
Thanks all for your help much appreciated !

Sounds to me like you need to go and do your homework for your area, read the Air guidelines, rules and regs, and many of the posts already on this forum. Whilst this forum may seem like the Host University of STRs, we’re not really here to help people build their business strategically; it’s more for helping fellow hosts out with immediate issues they are facing with guests or potential bookings, problems with Air, and to have a good rant. The bigger players in the market tend not to have a good time on here and don’t hang around for long.

As for this:

"If air BNB disappears then so be it - it my wife doing it…" I somehow feel my bile rising.


Just what we need another mercenary slum landlord in the making:

"If air BNB disappears then so be it - it my wife doing it…"

@simonm – with that attitude you’re mini-business is sure to fail.

true to form Ken, true to form.

I’d make sure you can run before you walk, you do sound very new and very keen, but make sure you’ve got full control of your current listings before stretching yourself any thinner.
Or take the plunge, what’s the worst that can happen? Well, keep reading this forum and you’ll find out!

At the moment, you’re not even au fait with basic terminology, so please get up to speed before collecting more properties. Good luck

Thank you all for the constructive comments … for those not so constructive ones … I am new here - other forums I have visited (on other subjects) have tended to be a bit more friendly if Im honest … I am already a landlord of several houses rented to university students … my wife has ‘inherited’ two BNB’s from others that were making a hash of it … I am neither a ‘mercenary slum landlord’ nor am in control of whether Air BnB survives as a business … I don’t know some of the terminology used in here neither by the look of it will I as none of you have explained it … ! As for my attitude, I approached this with good nature hoping for a little friendly help … in future I shall just approach it like my other businesses and do it myself ! Sorry to have disturbed your group

well we could explain what a co-host is, or you could google it, or we could hold your hand every step of the way.


Most of the terminology used here is Air BnB common parlance that we have all learned along the way by reading other posts, listing to experienced hosts, and with a degree of humility on starting out. Whilst this forum was the best thing to happen to me as an STR host, I did not come here to be spoon fed.

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