Hi, I'm Ravi! Question for the Group?

And I’m new to the forum, but 1 year new to hosting; just checking, when can I post links on this forum? I try to in some of my answers, but it says “new users can’t post links”?

Thank you for your help

IIRC you have to have a certain number of posts here under your belt. Either that or wait for the right phase of the moon…


What websites are you trying to link to and why?

You can post links (once you have enough posts) if they are relevant to a post being made. Rather than if you simply want to promote a product or service.


If you are here to post links to promote your own services then it will be considered spam and deleted.


You can only post things in context… NOT to promote your own stuff.


like the eclipse? haha!

absolutely! Good call Coconutz, i was just trying to respond to a link about making your own website! Ha! So i guess a bit of self-promotion but trying to help the forum user out. That’s what this forum is about, right?

Nice to e-meet you!

Thanks @cabinhost for your helpful addition to my knowledge! Every day is a school day!

Hi @Helsi, nice to e-meet you and thanks! I was just trying to respond to a previous post about a website for your Airbnb. But wasn’t allowed yet. So didn’t know if I wasn’t allowed to respond to anything for awhile being a newbie, or just to that post. Thanks again.