Hi, I would like to host a private room in my home. However, I do not want guests using the Kitchen. Do you suggest I provide something in their room?

Hi, I would like to host a private room in my home. However, I do not want guests using the Kitchen (We are a big family and it is already difficult to keep it clean and under control). Do you suggest I provide something in their room?

Maybe a coffeemaker, microwave, fridge? The room has very limited space so Im not sure if I will be able to provide all this unless its in the closet (but im not sure if thats safe due to the heat of the products).

Any recommendations? Do you think these are necessary?

Please advise :slightly_smiling_face:


Natalie Moreno

There are many threads here on this subject, do a search and you’ll find a lot of help.


Are you close to cafes and restaurants?

We have a Nespresso coffee machine, expensive to buy the pods but clean and easy to use, kettle with an assortment of teas and a silent fridge in the bedroom. We are a 5 minute walk from lots of cafes, restaurants and a small supermarket.

I’m happy for guests to bring food back to their sitting room but we don’t allow cooking except for use of the microwave. It works well for us. Just make sure you provide a bin :blush:

We rent out 3 private rooms in our apartment. We don’t offer kitchen access. They only get to see the beautiful open plan kitchen :sweat_smile:. If people specifically ask they can use our microwave and they can keep something cold in our fridge.

This is what I wrote about what we provide for guests in another topic:

To limit work, costs and actual consumption :rofl: we decided to not have anything in one of the three rooms we rent out. Instead we have a big tray in the living dining room with cold water, hot water, thee, instant coffee, a few biscuits, a few sweets and fruit (and a few flowers in a vase). Since it’s in a communal space, people don’t really dare to eat or drink everything at their disposal, they limit themselves a bit because of ‘social’ control. Or at least that’s how I believe it works.

It’s one big beautiful tray with a welcome message written on the mirror next to it. It looks great, makes the guest feel at home, makes them feel like they’re getting extras but in the end it costs very little: Until now I guess on average of 35 dollar cents per person per day. I think I have eaten more biscuits and sweets than our guests have :sweat_smile:.

It could be an option to consider.


Oh should also say we provide milk, orange juice, water and yoghurt in the fridge and we have a tray in the bedroom with a choice of cereals and some cheap biscuits. We do factor the extra cost into the price of the room though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe a tea tray, fruit, mini fridge with milk, yogurt, small packets of cereal. A bin and hopefully an easy clean floor and stain proof furniture!

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Not by walking distance, they would need to go in car and its about 4-5 mins away.

Then I would definitely provide tea/coffee, water, snacks.

I like @GutHend’s idea of a tray in the living area with refreshments.

You don’t have to have guests in your living room either.

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Awesome! Thank you so much, I will do that. I actually just remembered we have a big extra fridge in the garage they can use. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will definitely make sure to provide that. :slight_smile:

My guests can’t use the oven or stove because of house insurance. Thank goodness No matter how clean they think they are, you end up cleaning up after them.There’s wonderful cheap and cheerful eateries within 400 m that run 24 hours. Cheers!