Hi all :).. what can we do if the guest review doesnt match the rating shown on the listing?

Hi, we are fairly new to the whole Airbnb thing… We have really enjoyed it and so far, all our 18 reviews have been really excellent (all 5* across all categories)… However, we noticed that in our last review we had dropped down to a 4* in the accuracy category… This guest was a lovely lady who wrote a fantastic review in which she scored us 10/10 and said there was nothing that could be improved on… We believe she has just made a mistake when doing the review and are wondering if there is any way that we can address that… Obviously we don’t want to put pressure on the guest but we are really disappointed that the star rating does not reflect all the positive comments throughout, hers, and all our other reviews… Any ideas??.. Thanks :slight_smile:

I sometimes press 4 stars and it puts in 5 stars or 3 stars, but I always go back to change it. Maybe she didn’t realise. Either way a 4 star isn’t going to destroy your rating.

Many posters here will tell you that they get great comments but then 4 stars or even 3! Not everyone thinks great has to be 5 stars. I’d probably let it go but if it was bothering me I’d say “I noticed you gave me 4 stars for accuracy. I’d love to improve do you have any suggestions for what I need to change in my description?”


Thanks for the reply Paul… I probably just need to get over it! lol :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying K9, … We appreciate your suggestion :slight_smile:

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