Help wording review, unauthorized guest

Hey guys, I posted about this one. New user booked for 2 and then brought a third unauthorized guest. His other faux pas was not reading our listing (thought he had the whole house), and not reading the check in instructions. He also checked in past our check in window of midnight and rang our front doorbell, waking the whole household. He got the boot for violating the TOS, bringing the extra guest.

There are many expert review writers here. I’m tempted to simply write: NAME brought an unauthorized third guest who stayed the night and we cancelled his reservation.

I would appreciate other suggestions. Thanks!

Guest didn’t follow house rules, checked in past check in window of midnight, rang doorbell waking everyone up and brought undisclosed extra guest. Can’t recommend.

No need to say you canceled.


Kona, that’s great. Thanks!

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Yes, I like Kona’s review too. You see, our rental is a separate apartment that sleeps two (one queen bed). We don’t have an extra guest fee because to me, putting an extra guest fee (unless it’s something crazy like $5000!) indicated to the guests that they can bring an additional person even though the listing is clear about 2 people max and one bed only.

But very occasionally, guests have brought along an extra person. Sometimes they’ve asked - ‘my sister is in town for just one day. Would it be possible for her to sleep on the sofa?’ and I’m okay with that. Although I don’t supply anything extra such as sheets or towels.

So seeing a review where the only problem was bringing in an additional person wouldn’t bother me too much. But the late check out and waking everyone up certainly would!

So you asked him to leave?

We have a 2 person max unit and we are not okay with a third person sleeping on the loveseat without proper bedding, plus the rest of the impact of a third person. That and the fact they seemed to intend all along to sneak in the third person as they did not read that we live on site.

After we informed him that the third person could not stay and asked for assurances that he would abide by the terms of our listing, he kept pushing us to allow an exception. I didn’t trust him so I called Air and they “mediated” asking him to leave for violation of the terms of service. They lost 2 nights and they ended up staying at a hotel.

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Excellent outcome! Good for you.

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