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Help with wording to highlight street noise

Hi Everybody,

We’ve been successfully hosting for nearly 3 years now and are about to bring our second apartment on line.

This new apartment is located in the very heart of the city - it is an absolutely fantastic location but the downside of being so central is that street noise is inevitable, especially at the weekend as there are quite a few bars on the street and people do stand outside smoking and drinking.

We do have good triple glazing but the building is over 200 years old so some street noise can be heard in the bedrooms which do face the street.

We have never had an issue sleeping but then we may be used to it a little. I have drafted the following to include in the listing - would appreciate feedback on whether this adequately highlights the potential ‘issue’.

“As the apartment is so centrally located, some street noise is unfortunately unavoidable, especially at weekend . We do have very good glazing installed which cuts a lot of this out . The two double bedrooms face the street and while we have never had any trouble sleeping, if you are a light sleeper you should be aware that street noise is to be expected, especially at weekends as there are many restaurants and late opening bars in the area around our apartment. We do provide ear plugs just in case.”

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It’s just a bit wordier than it needs to be. Don’t apologize to much, because really, a lot of people won’t notice and most won’t care. Some will even love it!

“This apartment is located in a wonderfully lively area, with great nightlife. The bedrooms face the street. If you are an especially light sleeper, or value quiet over location, we may not be a good fit for you. We provide ear plugs for your comfort.”

ps - our situation is a home share arrangement with the guests on the lower level and our family of five on the upper level walking around on hard wood floors. This would make me crazy as a guest and I am STUNNED that it doesn’t seem to have bothered our 50 or so groups!!

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I spent my working life as a Technical Writer. I agree that you are overly wordy, and overly apologetic.

perhaps something like:

This apartment is centrally located, and some street noise is unavoidable, especially on weekends. For your sleeping comfort we provide disposable earplugs, should you want them.


I think that’s protestesth too much. :slight_smile: Just play it up more. Describe it as a lively city location that will have its share of weekend revelers due to the central location in one of the world’s great cities! Make that downside into a plus! “If you are expecting country quiet at night, this may not be a fit for you” and leave it at that. Don’t get too much into the particulArs. That’s warning enough!

On second thought. I actually think your original description for us is the best way of saying it! Straight up and honest. Hey I want to stay there! As long as it’s safe I could see myself enjoying those cool restaurants and cafes late on the weekends. :slight_smile:

I think your description looks good. Definitely mention the glazing, if you have it. Though you seem to have forgotten the word “triple”. If it’s triple glazing, say triple glazing. Some people find this kind of detail reassuring. I know I do.

Another thing you could do is take a survey of departing guests. If they aren’t bothered by the noise, then you can say that! Something like:
“However, I have been polling departing guests for the last x days/weeks/months, and xx% of them say they are not bothered by the noise.”

I’ve found white noise generators helpful in the past. (I once lived somewhere where there were a lot of dogs, and some of these idiots used to leave their dogs outside till all hours. Unfortunately even soft barking used to wake me up. But when drowned out by white noise, the problem disappeared.) You could also consider whether providing this to your guests would be useful.

I like @konacocnutz approach. You can´t pleast all of your guests so try to find the ones that match with your property. In your case will be the ones that would love to be in a lively area. I found myself into a simliar situation in regards to location. My place is on a touristic neighborhood however the touristic scene is about 15 blocks from where I’m. At first I welcomed guests that were disapointed because thaey have to walk a lot to reach the action but then I realized that the highlights of my location wasn´t the neighborhood but how central it is to the rest of town. It really is! You can be wherever you want in a 10 minutes trip. I made my downside into a plus as @konacoconutz said and now my guest are super happy with the location.

Instead of making apologies about your noise I would highlight how lively is the area. Note that some people also see this a warranty of security if they see people all day on the streets so use that to your favor too. Anyone that is sensitive to noise will discard your listing, and believe me that this is what you want him to do because, despite the earplugs the noise will bother him somehow that will make his stay a bad experience.

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I live in a very urban centrally located space as well. I’ve found that it’s best to be up front about the kind of surroundings your guests should expect without dwelling on the negative. Here’s how I word mine:

“Hollywood is a busy, loud, urban space where the sights and sounds are unceasing. You will see and experience things you never have before. If you are looking for a quiet and quaint hideaway, this is NOT it. However, if you want to experience the real L.A. you’ve always seen in the movies then THIS is where you want to be.”


Thanks everybody, great advice.

I was absolutely focusing on the negatives without highlighting the flip side positives.

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