Help with scratched floor questions (guest)

So myself and my girlfriend stayed for 5 days in a property & after we got home were sent a message saying we’d damaged the floor.

They attached a picture and the scratches looked pretty bad. But I have a holdall that can’t scratch, we didn’t move the furniture & my gfs suitcase is new & on wheels. We didn’t notice the scratches when we were there ourselves either.

I do have a theory, that if one of the legs of the bed is near the scratch area (don’t know where in the room the scratch patch actually is) that could cause maybe minor abrasions? But wouldn’t all the legs do that? Also is it our fault if it’s the hosts own furniture & we did nothing out of the ordinary?

Lots of questions that I can’t seem to find answers for really. But the main one being, is the fault on us? We probably should have checked the room and taken photos ourselves, but it’s worrying you can create damage you don’t know about & be charged half your Airbnb fee again over it. I thought there was insurance for accidental damage…

It’s really difficult to help you without more details. So, is this a room you rented or a whole home? Is there a reason you suspect the scratchd area was caused by a bed leg?

Did the host not provide any comment/explanation and just sent a picture? Did the host ask you any questions regarding the scratches?

I would just be honest and say to the host exactly what you’ve said here (maybe leave out your theory for now). Explain what kind of luggage you had and that you can’t think of anything you did that would cause scratches. Ask for more details about how they think the scratches would have been caused.
Was there anything in the house rules about taking shoes off at the door and not rolling suitcase? We have a wood floor and it drives me mad when I hear people rolling their cases along it and walking around in heels. But it’s already so scratched from the dogs claws that I don’t really bother about it too much. When we finally get it sanded and re-finished I’ll be making sure this carelessness doesn’t happen, some guests are just clueless!

No, there isn’t really insurance. Well, there is in a way but it’s difficult and time consuming for the host to apply for with no guarantee that there’ll be a payout.

But this being said, your best plan would be to get in touch with Airbnb (by phone preferably) and explain the situation to them. If you’re certain that you didn’t cause the damage then you should be fine.

It was a room in a property. The room was only small so the only things in there was a bed that took up 70% of the room a chair in the corner and a bedside table. We only used the chair to put clothes on so it only leaves the bed really. They sent a picture but it’s just of her feet & the scratches. No clue to where in room it is & no replies to my questions. They’ve assumed it was our bags and requested money to repair. I replied saying it can’t have been our bags & that we wanted some more info

I know some will disagree with me but this is the kind of nonsense from hosts that makes me roll my eyes. I mean, scratches on the floor? Really?? Unless they’re huge gouges that cause a serious hazard or have completely ruined a beautiful work of art, it’s part of the wear and tear of doing this business. As cabinhost says, the key question is were you instructed not to roll your bags over this precious floor? If not, then I can’t see how they can complain now.

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I have bare painted wooden floors in my guest rooms and I know that I will have to re-patch and re-paint regularly because of roller bags and just general use. Guests shouldn’t have to treat a place as if it’s a museum!

Actually, I agree with you!

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I think we have a very similar attitude to hosting @jacquo !

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That’s not what I said at all. I have guests roll in their luggage and it is usually black streak marks they leave behind. I always wonder what these hosts do who have white carpet. Yikes! I have all hardwood floors that get scratched up and it is from guests not picking up chairs, ottomans, rockers, etc. and they just drag them across the hardwood floors.

Sorry, I must have imagined you asked that question because I don’t see it now. I can only assume that it’s the kind of sensible question you would ask and…um…ok, was having a senile moment clearly :frowning:
Yes, a white carpet in an Airbnb rental is not the greatest idea. Unless the guests come with a butler who will carry all luggage by hand, with white gloves on naturally, and take care of any mishaps.

edit it was @Gardenhost who asked the pertinent question. Phew. Faculties are not totally gone.

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No worries. But I still would love to know how people with white carpet keep their carpet white :smile:

I mean…do people really pick up their luggage wheels? I happen to be very blessed with a partner who can repair any hardwood scratches. I just wonder how others deal with that…but that is for a different post.

I have seen some listings whereby people list in their house rules DO NOT MOVE FURNITURE.

We have mostly hardwood floors throughout 2 large houses, but 5 bedrooms, out 9, still have high quality light cream colored carpet. We spot clean the rooms after almost every group departure.
One house is Heart Pine, the other Australian Cypress.
The pine gets particularly dinged up from women’s high heels sinking into the soft wood.
The Australian Cypress is scratched and gouged from dragged luggage.
Both floors need to be fully refinished every 3 years.
We have exterior cameras. I am always cognizant of how the house will be left by observing the style of entry of guests.
Considerate and caring guests “lift and carry” their luggage up the front stoop of 6 to 8 steps.
Lackadasical and unaware guests SLAM DRAG AND BUMP the luggage …bang bang bang…one painful step at a time. BAM BAM BAM.
Once In the house they casually bump luggage against the walls, toss it upon bedding, and drag it across the hardwood.
Would you, or they, do that home? NO ! Actually really no…because there is an awareness that abuse costs money.
There would be an awareness that dragging luggage damages the wood, wears out the steps…and breaks down everything.
My hallway walls needs repainting every few months, decking boards in front of my house needed replacing, the bedroom doors are dinged and dented and black streaked regularly.
This is all the cost of business. Most owners are not aware of the wear and tear that renting imposes on a house. What owners need to do is raise their prices, absorb the abuse and use, and not chase an individual renter. This push to the bottom of pricing is a problem. Owners have to cover costs by establishing a fair price from the get go.

A small tip you may not be aware of. Baby wipes remove the streaks on the walls left by brushing against them with luggage etc. They also clean up light switches etc and drastically reduce the need to repaint.

I have white walls through my tiny place (almost impossible not to touch a wall) and haven’t needed to repaint once yet I just use baby wipes.

And while I’m here another insider tip; a drop of baby oil will bring the shine bank to your kettle.

If you have one. I know a lot of you guys don’t … insane but there we go.

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