Help with hosting

We have spare bedroom in Eastbourne is any one willing to help us host have registered on arnb site

Welcome to the forum. It’s unclear what you are asking.

Do you mean to co-host with you? And do you mean Eastbourne in the UK? This is an international site

Eastbourne east Sussex england and yes co host

I’m no expert, but I was born in 1966, and I live in Sussex.
Do you really want a co-host for a spare room?

Please answer with a minimal amount of words.

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Confidence going it alone without back up from agency

Agency? We’re not affiliated with AirBnb. We’re hosts like you who try to help each other with problems.

You say you “registered on airbnb site” Does that mean you’re created a listing for your spare room – description, photos, etc. If you haven’t done, that is your first step. Just follow the simple instructions. Once you have that done, we may be able to help more.

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