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Help with Apartment Flipping NYC

Hey! I’m a college grad in NYC who has been helping a handful of people with their Airbnb properties and would like to meet more so I can continue this work. It helps me pay off student debt and save for my business. I speak 7 languages and am very helpful. Does anybody need a hand? I can flip/clean the apartment, do key exchanges, and more.

To get a better idea of who I am, check out my YouTube video where I speak my 7 languages!

Have you posted your services at the Airbnb groups? They will use you

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If you want to wow them even more, give them some help managing their account, too, and give Beyond Pricing (http://www.beyondpricing.com) a try to help them make more money. This was an effective value proposition back when we used to help people manage their properties - we could cover our cost through the increased revenue from better pricing.

Thanks a lot for the tip. How would I find/contact the Airbnb groups?

Thank you, but the link does not work for me. Is there a typo?

Oops! Fixed. www.beyondpricing.com

I’m looking to do this same thing in LA. Just wanted to know whats a good price to charge? Did you have any more luck?

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