Help with Air paying occupancy tax. set it up?

our county is one of those that AIr has agreed to pay the occupancy (aka lodging) tax for. We’re in Delaware or Ulster County, NY (in the Catskill Mountains) and, according to the county treasurer, the arrangement kicked in on 11/1/16.
I’m new to Air and recently listed two properties. I didn’t see how to include the tax for the county anywhere in the set up process. I presumed that the tax was included, like the renter’s fee, when they booked.
I recently got a booking and I noticed that the renter’s fee was listed but the tax was not.
My call to Air’s customer service was unproductive and the call back that they promised never happened.
My Help searches had answers to related questions, but not this.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

YOU do not “include the tax” anywhere in you listing. We’re in Florida where Air collects and pays city/county and state taxes for us.

The taxes show up on the guests “invoice” showing
X number of nights at $YY per night,
Service Fee
Cleaning Fee, etc.

There will be a line item for Taxes as well, and Air charges that above and beyond you $YY per night rate.

I’m fairly new to Airbnb, and when I paid my first quarterly taxes in January, I found that the taxes in Phoenix are 12.5% and Airbnb collects only 5%. I have to make up the difference. Ouch.
I’d welcome any feedback or suggestions on how to contact Air to have the correct amount of tax collected.
Thanks in advance to anyone,