Help! What would you do? Guest booked Saturday to Sunday but are arriving two hours after midnight of Friday at 2:00am

I have a guest that booked for Check in this Saturday and Check out on Sunday. My check in time is at 3:00pm and check out is at 12:00pm. She informs me that she will be arriving from 2:00-3:00am so assumed it was 2-3:00am Saturday going into Sunday. So I said no problem, I’ll leave the keys in the lock box. But no she means two hours after midnight on Friday. I explained to her that usually when guest have come in at that time, they book the night before because it’s still consider sleep time. Plus I have guest who are sleeping there Friday night and checking out Saturday morning at 12:00pm. What should I do? Has anyone had this situation?

Hi @Family20,

Just tell her that she can’t do that unless she books the night before. Make sure to send it through the Airbnb messaging system. And if it looks like it is going to be an issue, contact Airbnb immediately. You might want to do that anyway.


Thank you for the advice. In this situation do you think Airbnb would defend the host or guest? I wasn’t sure if other host charged their rates based on nights or the actual day?


What is your check in time on air bnb?

Check in 3:00pm
Check out 12:00pm

So you are fine, send a message in air bnb explaining to the client that your check in is 3pm so if they want to arrived before they have to pay the previous night.

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I have another guest booked the night before that leaves at 12:00pm on Saturday.
I don’t have anywhere to relocate them at 2:00am
Should I cancel the reservation?


no, never cancel a reservation. It counts heavily against you and your acceptance of a reservation with your check in and check out times evident in your listing makes it their responsibility to deal with your availability. Your reply that their arrival at 2am early Sunday morning, while unconventional, is fine with you, will be your next step. If THEY need to cancel and find other accommodations, then your cancellation policy will come into affect.

Again, not your problem, and again, do not cancel.


Thank you! I didn’t know the cancelation counted against me. I’m new to hosting on Airbnb

Sometimes you get guests who are very cheeky.

Explain to them that as your check-in time is after 3pm, you thought they meant 2am Sunday; and unfortunately, you cannot allow them to check in before 3pm on Saturday.

It’s not your problem to rehouse/relocate them.

I agree not your problem.

The client has to come after your check in time or they have to cancel (never you). and of course follow your cancelation policy

Also feel like it’s unfair to me as a host. To be able to accommodate them at 2 in the morning. I would’ve had to block off Friday night and not make any profit that day. Which is impossible now because Friday is already booked.

Also crazies part… I checked out the guest profile and she is also an Airbnb host

I mean do you think you can go book an hotel and come 2 in the morning the previous day?

Well…as we said relax and reply on air bnb message that they can t come before check in time.

Why do you think you need to explain this to her? This is what we usually learn at the age of five. How old is your prospective guest? Older than 4, I assume.


Your right! I shouldn’t stress this. I’ll call Airbnb tomorrow morning and explain the situation

That’s exactly what my husband said! This is common sense

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I had the same situation last year with a guest. Wanted to check in at 1 am, while I still had a guest.

I called AirBnB and they canceled without penalty.

Hi @Family20,

The guests in question are asking for something that is impossible (and also unreasonable). While Airbnb is not nice, and doesn’t really give a crap about hosts, they are not raving lunatics either. Just tell the guests this can’t happen. Period. If it sounds like they are going to be unreasonable/difficult, you could ask Airbnb to cancel their reservation without penalty to you. Make sure you don’t cancel it. You never want to cancel a reservation except under extraordinary circumstances, and never do it if you are not at fault.

Oh, and a good time to bring this up is before booking. One of the things I ask people who make booking requests is what their planned check-in and check-out times are. Of course, you can’t do this with IB.


I do not believe any hotels allow this - It sounds like she is just trying to get a free night.


Yep. Had this happen to me.

I replied explaining that the previous guests had the room until midday, though I was happy to check with the previous guests to see if they were happy to have four in a bed.

Weirdly didn’t hear from them again …