Help translate English into French Please

I have guest coming from Étrelles, France and with very limited of english understanding and I was hoping to have a welcome note translate into French if anyone can help me with it.

Hi Frank, friend and family,
Welcome to Niagara Falls, Canada and into our home.
Please help yourself with food, drinks and snacks that we have provided for your stay.
Let me know should things needed attending to and I am available from 9:00 - 23:00.

PS : Dehumifier should be ON when you are inside the apartment and OFF when you leave.

Enjoy your stay


Hope it is not taking too much of your time to translate.
Thank you so much in advance


Sorry that my French isn’t quite good enough but I would use Google Translate. Translate to French, then back to English and that will allow you to adjust the English to remove any awkward words or phrases that don’t translate well. Then translate back to French.


Go to and paste in the message the left side. This is what you get:

Salut Frank, ami et famille,

Bienvenue à Niagara Falls, Canada et dans notre maison.

S’il vous plaît aidez-vous avec de la nourriture, des boissons et des collations que nous avons fournis pour votre séjour.

Faites-moi savoir si les choses devaient être prises en compte et je suis disponible de 9h00 à 23h00.

PS: Le déshumificateur doit être allumé lorsque vous êtes dans l’appartement et éteint lorsque vous partez.

This is a bit off but I guess they can figure it out.
Bienvenue chez nous canadien!
Il ya des casse-croûtes pour vous.
Si vous avez besoin de quelques choses vous pouvez m’appeler de 9 heures à 23 heures


The de humidifier thing will need to be shown to them as the French are notoriously inept with anything a/c
I speak from experience lol
I’ve been dealing with my French in laws for years!

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Great thank you all.

I guess that I have to put a new sign and bigger sign for the dehumidifier :slight_smile:

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Sorry Ken, but I am cracking up laughing ! Google translation are really just for fun; it falls down on the cultural nuances. Maggieroni has done a good job though.

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If you/the guest use the Airbnb app it offers to translate all messages for you.