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Help! Recommendations for a verbally abusive guest


I have a guest that is scheduled for two months with another 50 days left. He started off polite but now is extremely rude and verbally abusive and aggressive toward both myself and other guests. I’ve tried speaking with him, I’m sure some is due to cultural differences, however this guest acts as if he owns the house and that everyone should accommodate his needs and his point of view. He has made statements of going to “punch people” that do something he doesn’t like, he is aggressive toward me (tells me to “f*ckin back off-he will do what he wants to do”), or focuses back on himself when I tell him that I feel uncomfortable with his actions and language. I host because I enjoy cultural exchange but honestly as much as I don’t want a poor review or further conflict with this guest, and need the filled room, I am feeling very uncomfortable and am contemplating what recourse I have in the middle of a booking. Advice?


you must contact airbnb support, tell them what he does, and then get rid of him ASAP. take very good care, from this tiny information he sonds like a sociopath, he can even be dangerous. doesnt care about money or ratings, airbnb will solve that. but first contact them!


I agree, you must contact airbnb immediately and have this guest moved out of your home. There is no place for abuse of any kind within a household. You are risking the safety of yourself and others. Threats have been made for violence, he refuses to follow house rules, and most of all, he has you feeling uncomfortable in your home. It can’t go on.

Unfortunately if you let someone get away with this kind of behavior it tends to escalate.


You don’t need to fill a room that bad that you need to put up with this kind of behaviour.
AirBnB income should never be relied upon to the degree that you, other guests and your property are at risk. I would advise the guest (and I use that term loosely) makes you feel uncomfortable by their action and you are giving them 24 hours to vacate, which is both fair and reasonable and you will offer a refund for all future days, including the 24 hour notice day as they would need time to find somewhere else. I would also reasearch alternative accommodation ie local hostels/backpackers and their availablity to take the guest so you have somewhere to direct them. Good luck


I like Penelope’s advice and agree on the notice of vacation. Get them out, but obviously in the best and most professional way possible so there is no possibility of recourse on you.

I also agree that no one needs money that much that should have to put up with behaviour like this in any way. If you have made the attempts to pacify the guest (especially with witnesses) and he has not responded well, than no one can hold it against you for getting him out.

The only thing I probably wouldn’t do, is have any alternative for him as that is not fair on the next place you send him to. It is not your concern. You are not sorting out an aggrieved customer an alternative after not being able to please them, you are evicting them for being abusive towards you and your other guests. Get them out as quick as you can which will not only save you all this stress, hassle and small likelihood of possible danger, your other guests will be thankful. And they will respect you for handling the situation. If you let it go on, they may go the other way and leave your place early. And then either feel aggrieved themselves and/or leave not so good reviews on your profile.

Ensure Airbnb are aware of him, ensure the hosting community are aware of him via your review of him and if you think he is an actual danger to anyone, go to the authorities too…

You will do more damage to your business (and your mental health) by allowing him to stick around.

Just the fact he has threatened to “punch people” is enough for an immediate eviction or in extreme circumstances, a call to the police.

Good luck with it.

Kindest regards


Horrific. My sympathies. I hope you can do as. Penelope suggests and he will leave willingly. We have learned from others on this forum that the cops will not really respond to getting him out because you gave him permission to be there.

Also, I am concerned for you that you accepted a booking longer than thirty days. In many states, this automatically puts him into a category of a month-to-month tenant which means you’ll have to serve him with a 30-day notice to vacate and then possibly end up in court in an unlawful detainer episode.

This situation underscores why hosts should NEVER accept bookings on Air over 29 days. If they want to have a guest stay longer, book them for 29 and then renegotiate with an actual standard month-to-month lease after that point. Good luck and do keep us posted!.


so whats up there?
i advice you, when you tell him to leave DO NOT be alone with him, bring some family or friends. the 24 hour notice is problematic, since he can do whatever he wants until then. i would say just go there, and tell them to leave, immediately. then wait until he packs his stuff and close the door after him.
i dont know what city you live, but he can surely find some place to stay, and still, its not your problem.
i suspect he choosed airbnb because he was sent away from hotels, hostels, etc.
pls write what happend!


i have a similar guest - not physically aggressive but she is confusing me - she sent 1 hours shouting at me last night about 30 pound cleaning bill she has paid 40 for first month already via airbnb - she has told me she has stayed in thousands of airbnb’s although she has no reviews - she is a proffessor of computers science but cant sort out computer wifi - has threatened me with a review that will get me kicked off airbnb - she says she knows people who work at airbnb
i have told airbnb - she doesnt frighten me more like wears me down with her demands and belittleing me - constantly - i try to not talk to her or avoid her when possible - - just interested did you write a review about you guest and they you -

am trying to work out what to say in review - she is not a bad guest tidy etc just doesnt like being told what to do and responds badly


threatening a host with a bad review is grounds for expulsion according to the airbnb guidelines. get rid of her and airbnb will block her review.

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