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Help please...No bookings for 5 weeks...anything wrong with my listings?


My Airbnb bookings are around 38% of total bookings. For the last 5 weeks it has been dead silent, no queries, questions or anything.
I had the everything shared issue which has been fixed. I still have views and I have checked the 4 of them via a private page.
No idea if I have been disappeared by the management.
Possible for a few of the experts to have a look and tell me if something is off please?
I am in Grafton Northern NSW in Australia and the houses are
Thank you in advance as I have never seen it so silent.


@debthecat you’re pretty experienced so you have probably already tried these things I’m going to humbly propose:

  • do a search for your listing as if you’re a guest and see what’s up
  • try updating description adding or moving around photos, it is possible the algorithm favours people who are active and updating their listing
  • try removing cleaning fees for a while (update the price to compensate) some say it boosts you in the search results
  • try accepting the Airbnb price proposals for a few limited dates they seem to like it when you use their proposals
  • try sharing airbnb link to your property with friends and ask them to click on it

It seems to me, on this platform, when it rains it pours. When you hit a slump, you stall. You need to get a booking to rev it up again maybe? Reach out to prior guests from last year?



I am in South Florida and no bookings for 3 weeks now . But we are off season.
It’s the first year though that I don’t get any bookings even for room .
I rent through Craigslist …but also very slow


What’s your Season, @Debthecat??? I know down there this is mid-Winter for you, but is that a high-traffic time or low? Or is there little if any difference? For us here in Southwest Florida it’s the steamy height of summer so traffic is almost nil…


Thank you - have done all of the above :frowning:


No season - all year around :frowning:


The thing is - can you find me?


You are page one (out of two!) for four days in Sep with Rosslyn, Eliza and Ithaca. Azile is page two so nothing wrong with your visibility.

Listings look good also, so no idea why they aren’t getting booked. We had a bit of a slump regarding July and August this year, bookings were slow and similar places appeared booked. We held off doing anything drastic with prices and before we knew it the bookings started to roll in. No rational explanation so hopefully you’ll see the same.



Deb, what you’re doing here is expending your energies worrying about Airbnb - something that you can’t control. Instead, why not use those energies promoting your places yourself?

This can be online or off, you decide. (Or a mixture of both)

A lot depends on how much you need the bookings - if you really need them, then they are worth working for and a few phone calls or emails can work wonders. I have to promote our listings offline because I need to have as near to 100% occupancy as I can because of paying for the places.

Just because you’re promoting the rentals yourself, it doesn’t mean that you’re cutting out Airbnb. Using Airbnb (for me anyway) is easier and less time consuming than the palaver of private bookings so I promote the listings. That way, bookings go through Airbnb.

If Airbnb have sent you nothing for five weeks, that is seriously bad. I really wouldn’t worry about tweaking the listings and so on, you’ll be better off using that time letting people know about your places and drumming up some business.


I just did a quick search for Grafton NSW, with no filters. All of your properties came up fairly high in the listings, with Rosslyn at #3.


Now that all these random people are clicking on your listing you will probably get a booking! Let us know.


Three of them came up on first page when I searched. They’re lovely properties!

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I’m outside of Tampa I’ve had the same issue - several inquiries but no bookings. I turned down the pet (I have a cat and no pet rule), the guy who messaged to do a long term off Air booking, and the party kids. My friends with whole-house rentals are going gangbusters, though. Makes me feel like I should rent someone’s in-law suite long term and Air out my entire home! :slight_smile:


I have a whole house rental too …but so far no bookings for 3 weeks. For the past 2 weeks I had 3 inquiries and that’s all


“Rosslyn” $200/nt came up 10th on a generic search for Grafton. It says you are booked Monday to Thursday for the next 4 weeks but not Fri-Sun for those weeks.
“Eliza” $125/nt came up 12th. No availability till 29th July.
“Azile” $125/mt came up 22nd. No availability till 4 August
“Ithaca” $175/mt came up about 27th. Unavailable next week M-Thu. Then available till Aug 5 (1 night) and Aug 15-18.

Based on that it would seem you are well booked up for late July.


Thank you - those are all direct bookings…not a single enquiry from a potential Airbnb guest for the last now 6 weeks and no Airbnb bookings for the rest of the year.
Never been like this ever.
Would you mind contacting host through one of the listings please? Ask me if i can house a unicorn or something…just seeing if there is an issue there


I have just sent the host a message. When I progressed down the booking process it said “this place is getting as lot of interest it has been viewed 34 time sin the past week” or words to that effect.

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Viewed yes…contact and bookings no… have messaged regarding the unicorn.


My emotional support unicorn only does the sweetest smelling rainbow farts. To even suggest she should sleep in a stable…:laughing:


LOVE THIS!!! House a unicorn! :unicorn:

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