Help now! Last minute change request, what to do?

Woke up early this morning and found a change request left late last night by todays incoming guest was to stay 2 nights wants to change to 1 night (tomorrow). No message as to the reason for request. I don’t mind doing favors if there is a good reason. I know she has arrived to my area because yesterday she messaged she was already in town & requested to drop off bags early in the day, I responded no problem I could keep them in my locked garage but she would not have access or a key till check in time. I usually try to be accommodating but…my minimum stay is 2 nights, I do not charge a cleaning fee and the amount of work(I do it myself) for a 1 night turnover just isn’t worth it…also autumn weekend in New England would have been an easy book for me. If I refuse should I fear a bad review. Do I only feel guilty because I want everyone to be happy (except me)

If you have a 2 night minimum stay, I would have thought she wouldn’t be able to request a change to one night.
If I were you I would decline the request. It’s way too late notice! Perhaps you could give her a part discount for the night she won’t be there seeing as she won’t be using electricity.


Thank you sounds like a good idea, Do I accept the request with conditions or deny and offer an alternative?

Hi @Val_Miller

In your situation I wouldn’t discount her stay at all.

She made a booking with a listing that has a minimum two night stay. Of course she can leave whenever she wants but she has booked and paid for two nights.

Just decline the alteration, confirm that she made a booking on the basis of a minimum two night stay, but of course if she has a last minute change plans she is free to leave the listing earlier, but will still be charged for the full stay.


I’m not sure. Others may have more experience than me. Perhaps send her a message reminding her that she booked a place with a 2-day minimum stay.

Thank you both . I did offer a small discount if she chooses not to stay the first night, but only an amount I coud live with and not feel resentful. Should it happen again I will just deny.

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DO NOT accept her request for booking change. DO NOT offer a discount or refund or anything else.

She booked for two nights at your 2 Night Minimum Stay place, and MUST pay the price unless there are Very extenuating circumstances – proven death in immediate family, or being in hospital because of an accident, etc.

She’s trying to scam you because she like the other place she’s at in town or shacked up with someone, or some other lame excuse.


Thanks everyone. It workedout fine she is coming for both nights full of apologies and gratitude.