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HELP. My AirBnB site is not functioning. Any tips to get AirBnB to fix bugs?


Hi There!
First I was not able to send comments to my guests. (4 calls with tech support of AirBnB still doesn’t work for over last 5 weeks.)
Then lost the sync with Homestay booking and double booked a guest.
Today, site ignores my price changes. I lower prices closer to the date to keep my place rented. Nothing.
AND even though my account has the right phone number to confirm my account ends in 23 AirBnB in claiming my cell phone number ends in 33.

Any tips to get AirBnB to fix bugs?

Many Thanks!


U.S.E.R errors maybe?


I suggest using a different platform to access your Airbnb account. If you’re using the web version, try mobile. If you’re using iPhone, try Android. Or try a 3rd party platform.

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